I wonder what all Mom is putting in here.

I wonder what all Mom is putting in here.


I'm just going to take a quick look in here and make sure Mom didn't accidentally pack any of our treats.

I’m just going to take a quick look in here and make sure Mom didn’t accidentally pack any of our treats.

Hemingway……why does Mom have her bag that she packs stuff in out in the middle of the room?

I heard her tell Uncle Bob that she’s going to take care of a dog for a few days.

Why would she do that?  Have you been driving her crazy?

You know that neither one of us is old enough to drive.

Houston, we have a problem.

My name is Hemingway and what do you mean?

Does Uncle Bob know where the treats are?

I’m sure Mom told him.

Oh Happy Day!!!  We’re going to be getting treats six times a day!!!!!!!!

We don’t get treats six times a day.

Uncle Bob doesn’t know that……………


The Mom speaks:


Look at those two little angels.  They are just sitting outside watching the world go by.  Who would know that such mischievous deeds lie in their future?

I am currently between jobs so I have more time to spend at home with the boys.  They really enjoy having Mom around ‘cuz it usually means they can spend more time outside.  On the nice days I have enjoyed the freedom of going out with a book while the boys explore.

Remember when Shakespeare was naughty and tried to bribe me with that field mouse?  First of all, let me explain that since his night of escape he has been very good and hasn’t even tried to get out of the yard again.  He’s happy being here with his toys and treats.

It seems Hemingway thought I was really upset with Shakespeare so this week he decided he should do something nice for Mom.  You guessed it!  He came waltzing in with a field mouse in his mouth.  I tried to get it away from him and the stupid mouse went behind some furniture.  Hemingway stayed on guard while I went to get some “mouse mazes” to capture the guy.  I should have known that Hemingway would eventually get him again and he did.  I chased Hemingway round the house trying to convince him to go outside.  He didn’t understand what I was doing and thought all the running was fun and good exercise for me.  Of course Shakespeare wanted in on it as well.  I finally got Hemingway outside with his prize.  Shakespeare stayed inside with me running from window to window so he could check up on Hemingway.  It took a while, but eventually Hemingway came up to the back door.  I was going to let him in, but then I noticed the field mouse in his mouth.  I don’t know if it was the same one or not but this time it wasn’t moving.  I looked at Hemingway and said, “There’s no way you are bringing that into the house.”  He just looked at me and dropped it on the deck.  My gift for the day!!

I need to get another job soon.  I don’t like “MOUSE BREATH”!!!!

Mom put me in jail.

Mom put me in jail.

It all started on a lovely day last Friday.  Mom was in and out doing errands and when she finally got home late in the afternoon she said we could go out and play.  We did just that while she did stuff in the house.  After supper I still wasn’t ready to come in but Hemingway decided he was ready for treats so he went inside.  Mom came out looking for me and called all over the yard.  She shook the treat sack and kept looking but I was nowhere to be found.  It was dark and she was very worried.  She called the neighbors, our friend Champ’s parents, and asked if they could help her look.  They wandered all over the place with flashlights and Mom even drove around the neighborhood in her car.  They couldn’t find me.  Now, let me tell you what was really neat about Friday night. 

 The church across the street was having a fried chicken dinner.  Do you know how fabulous fried chicken smells when you lift up your nose and sniff the air?  I was intrigued!

Back to the search.  The humans finally gave up and Mom got a chair out on the deck and a blanket and she tried to go to sleep.  It was a chilly, damp night and she said something about her bones hurting  ‘cuz of arthur-something-or-other so she finally went inside.  Around midnight she got up to take some pain meds and she looked outside to see if I was there.  I wasn’t.  Just before she went back to bed, she opened the door and called my name and I came walking by her car and in the gate.  She looked at me and told me to get my tail in the house.  Well, what about the rest of me???  I guess it wasn’t a time to joke ‘cuz she said she had been so worried.  She kept asking me where I had been and what I had been doing but I didn’t tell.  I was ashamed that I had gone on an adventure without telling her.  It was my first time doing that and Mom says it is my last!!!!

So, the next day was perhaps the most fabulous day ever.  The sun was shining.  There was a little breeze , the sky was deep blue, the temperature was perfect and there was no humidity.  Mom said those days are very rare around here and she also told me I couldn’t go out and enjoy the day.  She made me and Hemingway stay inside all day.

We did get to go outside on Sunday but she watched us carefully.

Today, Hemingway got to go out by himself.  Mom said she had some work to do and couldn’t go out and make sure I stayed in the yard.  I could have told her I wasn’t going anywhere, but I had t stay inside while she worked on “stuff”.

Copy of P1030596

 I think it looks like Hemingway is sticking his tongue out at me but he claims he was just trying to clean his foot.  I’m not buying it.

Can't I go out and play????

Can’t I go out and play????

Copy of P1030597

Mom……..I don’t like this picture.  It looks like I have jail stripes!

When Mom finished her “stuff” she let me go outside and she brought her book out there to read.  When it was time for everyone to go inside she called my name and I came running and went right into the house.  I had brought her a present.  She caught up to me and discovered I had a little field mouse in my mouth.  I thought it would be the perfect “I’m sorry I was so bad” gift but I don’t think Mom really liked it.  Hemingway thought it was cool!  I guess I still don’t understand humans.

So, that’s what’s been going on at our house!

Copy of P1030558This can’t be good.  Mom has the moving box thing out.  I know Hemingway never gets to go for rides in this, but I do.  I don’t think I want to go for a ride today.

Copy of P1030564I knew it!!!!  That moving box thing brought me over to the doctor man’s house.  Mr. Jeff……..I don’t want to be weighed.  I don’t care if you have a nice watch on, get your hands off me!

Copy of P1030565

 Now that you’re done humiliating me, I’ll just calmly walk off this stupid contraption and forget it ever happened!

Copy of P1030568

Yes, I see that treat you tried to bribe me with, but I’m not interested.  I am not speaking to that treat!  It’s not working.  You took my temperature in a really embarrassing way and then you gave me two shots.  I don’t want that stupid treat.

Copy of P1030569

 Dr. Kris……….what part of “I don’t want to be held” don’t you understand???  Just put me down so I can go see Mom.

From the Mom:

It’s always an adventure taking Shakespeare to see the Doctor Man.  He really didn’t want Jeff to weigh him ‘cuz he was afraid he would be told he had to stop eating so much.  Well, he weighs a little over 15 pounds which is exactly the same as last year so he’s doing great.  He had an excellent report and was told that he’s very healthy.  He wasn’t excited about getting his nails trimmed and told everyone in the clinic about it.  To make matters worse, when we went to the doctor’s house it was raining and he didn’t like to hear the rain hitting his carrier.  He didn’t seem to care that the rain was drenching me.  When we got home, he gave a big sigh of relief and shortly after this is where I found him:

I'm just going to take a quick nap, Mom.

I’m just going to take a quick nap, Mom.

Copy of P1030545Hello Outside Kitty!  How’s your day going?  I have to tell you that I’ve had a rough few days.  Mom just doesn’t understand me.  I have no patience.  That much she SHOULD understand ‘cuz I happen to know that she has absolutely NO patience.

Let me try to explain.  Mom’s been home for almost a week and a half now.  She claims it’s because of something called jury duty but so far I haven’t seen her go anywhere.  So, as long as she’s home, it’s like weekends.  My little brother and I should be able to go outside all the time.  Shakespeare is rather polite about asking to go outside, but I guess I’m not polite.

Copy of P1030543Oh, thank you for the drink of water.  I was getting rather dry with all this explaining.

So I’m not very polite about letting my wants and desires be known.  If Mom is busy on the computer or reading or something, I need to get her attention.  The best way to do that, in my kitty brain, is to jump up on the computer desk or the entertainment center and start knocking things off so they tumble to the floor.  Mom has even tried moving all the stuff off the tops of things, but I still manage to find something to knock off.  I must confess that I kind of like watching things tumble through the air.  It fascinates me to see how many things land on their feet like I do.  By the way, the answer is very few!!!  I also figure I’m doing Mom a favor by showing her where the dust is so she can take care of it.  With everything off the surface, it’s very easy for her to dust.

Mom hasn’t been very happy with me.  She’s talking about reform school or Kitty Kamp for Knocking Things Off.  I don’t think either option sounds good.  Can you please help me with my addiction?  I want Mom to be happy with me, but I also want to play outside and I have to get her attention.  If you come up with any good ideas, can you pass them along to me?  I would greatly appreciate it.

Copy of P1030537MOM!!!!  How long have you been standing there?????

Mom thinks this is so funny…………

Sleepy tufty orange toes!

Sleepy tufty orange toes!

Tufty orange toes!

Really tufty orange toes!

Mom……..do you know how embarrassing this is??  Why didn’t you take pictures of Hemingway’s toes?

 Copy of P1020909

I will not admit to tufty toes!!!

Mom, sometime I’m going to get that flashy box and take pictures of your toes!  They’re much funnier than mine!

Copy of P1030514Why are we outside?

Maybe it’s because I was throwing a temper tantrum and knocking everything off the shelves and bookcases and desks.

Sounds like you, but I still don’t get it.  Isn’t it a week day and shouldn’t Mom be at work?

I guess so, but I heard her say something about jury duty and that she might be around here for a couple of weeks.

I wonder what jury duty is.

I have no idea and it’s too nice to go back inside and look it up on the computer.

Copy of P1030515It is really peaceful out here, isn’t it?  I had no idea the outdoors could be so nice on a plain old Tuesday.

Yippee for jury duty!!!!

My golden boy, Shakespeare!

My golden boy, Shakespeare!

Why did Mom fall on a tree last Saturday?

I don't believe how much you mix things up!!!

I don’t believe how much you mix things up!!!

Shakespeare, what on earth are you talking about?

Remember when she told us she was going to be gone most of the day ‘cuz she was going to fall on a tree?

Shakespeare, get the catnip out of your ears!!


Mom said she was going to volunteer.  She helped out at her clinic’s health fair and block party.

A healthy fair with party blocks?  That sounds very strange!

No.  Her clinic had games and things for the kids and they had other doctors and people come in to tell the adults about different health things.

So they wouldn’t have to go to the vet as often?

Remember how I told you that humans don’t go to vets?

Oh, right…..  Did Mom have fun?

She said she had all sorts of fun and met some really nice people.

Do you think our doctor man might have a healthy fair with blocks?

I wonder if they would have catnip and treats at our healthy fair party block....

I wonder if they would have catnip and treats at our healthy fair party block….

You can ask him.  I happen to know that you’re going to have to go see him soon.

Not fair!!!!  You aren’t supposed to tell me things like that.



When Mom got home from work last night, we begged her to let us go outside.

She told us it was muggy and we wouldn’t like it.

We don’t know what muggy is.  We just knew we wanted to go outside so we told Mom to open the door.

She let us go out and play while she did some stuff in the house.

Next thing we knew, she was calling our names, but we were hiding.

Then she got my favorite thing……..the treat bag!!!

Mom knows that gets us EVERY time.

We just got inside and look what happened out in our yard:

Copy of P1030430

Mom…..we better get that kitty inside. He’s getting all wet!

Copy of P1030429

We had our own personal waterfall coming off the roof!


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