Copy of P1020832Mom says Hemingway has to take Hiding 101 at school ‘cuz he’s not very good.

Copy of P1030195Nobody can see me here.  I blend into the fringie things hanging down.

Copy of P1030192I’ve got my eyes shut so nobody can see me here.

Copy of P1030193You’re right.  I don’t see you at all.  Guess you don’t have to go to school after all.

Copy of P1030187I can’t believe it.  Today is my big day.  I’ve waited a whole year to be three and now I am!  I’m as old as Hemingway is now.  I’m a big boy!

Three years ago today I was born.  I don’t remember my fur mom and I don’t remember where I was born.  I do remember being at this special place with other little kitties and puppies.  I was scared.  I was also curious and wanted to know what was going to happen next.  On a stormy night, my human Mom came with a friend to meet me.  I was a little orange ball of fur and I was all over the place and wouldn’t let her hold me.  (That should have given Mom a clue about me and my independence.)  I was so lucky that night ‘cuz she adopted me and brought me home.  At first I was scared of that big black and white fur person in the house, but I eventually got used to him and I tolerate him as long as he doesn’t try to eat my food.

Shakespeare on the BenchThis is a picture of me when I was little.  My tail was long even then!

Shakespeare October 2010Here’s another picture of me kitten posing.  Mom said she really liked my pretty eyes.

Copy of P1030191Mom took this picture today with her flashy box.  I’m taking a nap ‘cuz I need to be ready to party tonight!  I hope Hemingway doesn’t try to eat all my special treats!

I hope all of you have a super special sunny day on my birthday!  Feel free to send me treats and toys…..or at least some greetings.  hehehehehehe

Mommmmm…………….look what Shakespeare did to the blog today.  Do I really have to wish him a happy birthday?

Copy of P1020909

Copy of P1030181Mom mentioned that “exercise” word again.  Usually she makes us chase after that stupid red light.  I know she’s really holding it in her hand, but I pretend to be all amused by it.   She believes I am.  This exercise thing is boring.  Now she’s pulled out something new.

Mom said we should both exercise to get rid of that “Cab In Fee Fur” stuff and I think it can be fun.  So, I’m going to show you how to do it.

Copy of P1030179See….you’re supposed to walk on this round bouncy thing and pretend that you’re outside.

Copy of P1030180Hemingway, you’re not listening to me, are you?

Copy of P1030177

Fine, I’m up on the round bouncy thing now.  Is that all I have to do???

What was Mom talking about yesterday?

What do you mean?  She was doing all sorts of talking……..mostly about the weather.

On our blog.  She said we have cab in fee fur.  What is that?

Well, let’s see if we can figure it out.  First of all there’s “cab”.  We know Mom doesn’t like cabs ‘cuz it was a cab that hit her car and broke it last fall.

No, she really doesn’t like cabs ‘cuz she’s still achy and groany from that.

Next word is “in”.  You and I know what that means ‘cuz we have to stay inside now ‘cuz of the stupid cold.

It’s still not making any sense.  I don’t see any cabs in here.

Next word is “fee”.  I think that means we have to pay money for something.

What?  I don’t have any money.

Well, the last word is “fur”.  Hmmmmmmm……..I’m getting more and more confused.


Ok……spill it.

If there’s a cab in the house we have to pay a fee for our fur.

You can’t be serious.  If that’s what it means, then humans are beyond hope!!!  I’m going to go take a nap.

I’m going to go see if Mom left any treats unattended.

Hey Mom………..when did you take this picture of Shakespeare?  I think everyone should see it so I’m putting it in our blog.

Copy of P1030160I’m going to call it Wide Orange Load!!!!

MOMMMMMMMMM………..Hemingway’s being naughty again!

You two are really getting cabin fever.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with you.

The stupid cold is going to keep me inside forever!  I’m not happy.  It’s March for furry paw’s sake.  But when I look outside there’s still a ton of that white stuff and it’s a bazillion degrees below zero.  So, I decided to amuse all of you and do one of my adorable poses.

Copy of P1030161

Here I am in my March Mr. Adorable pose.  What do you think?

MOM!!!!!!!!!!!   Shakespeare’s been messing with the computer again.  Look what he did to my blog!!!!!!

Copy of P1030167This sad little flower in the snow pretty much sums up how Shakespeare and I feel about this winter that will never end.

Copy of P1030152Just look at all that white stuff out there!  We don’t like it.  When our feet touch that white stuff it makes our toes cold.

The other day Mom was taking pictures of what happened when yet another snow storm came through our town.

Just look what she found! Copy of P1030170We kept looking at this picture and we decided that it’s spring finally coming our way!

Mom looked at the picture and said it’s probably that polar express train.  Wait…….I know what it really is!!!  It’s the Party Express Train coming my way ‘cuz my birthday is less than a month away now!

E-mail The Two of Them November 2010Hemingway, why are we wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s day?

Because Mom told us we should do that.

We don’t always do what Mom says so why are we doing it now?

Well, I think it’s ‘cuz it will make Mom happy.  There’s something about this Valentine’s day stuff that makes humans a little crazy.

What do you mean?

I’ve heard that they go out and buy cards, flowers, candy and other stuff for the person(s) they love.  For instance, Mom sent a card to her sister and some friends and remember how we sent some cards, too?

Oh, that’s right.  You woke me up from my nap to have me sign those cards.  I still don’t understand why we’re doing what Mom wants now though. 

It’s all about LOVE!  Mom loved us enough to rescue us and adopt us and give us a good home.  We love her enough to try to be good now and then.  I show Mom I love her by crawling up in her lap and falling asleep.

Mom knows I love her when I walk by her so she can pet my long fluffy tail.  I just don’t like that lap stuff.  I’m too aloof.

You’re something alright.  By the way, where on earth did you hear that word?

I think it was on the box with the moving pictures.  I have another question.  Why do humans have to have a special day to say they love each  other?  Shouldn’t they do it all the time?  I know I would love it if someone gave me catnip and treats all the time and not just on one special day.

  I guess it’s a human thing.  We better finish this before Mom turns off the computer.  We just wanted to say a big Happy Valentine’s Day to all our friends out there in web world.  We love reading about your adventures and we hope you love reading about ours.  We also hope that the humans and fur people in your life show you love every day!

You’re getting way too serious, Hemingway.  Does anyone out there know why Mom won’t let us have chocolate on Valentine’s Day but it’s okay for her to have it?  If it’s bad for us, shouldn’t it be bad for her too?  Is this another one of those human rule things that we don’t understand?

Shakespeare, quit being a pest.

Mom……..Hemingway’s calling me names!

HemingwayTrying to HideWhat are you doing Hemingway?

I’m trying to hide from the stupid cold.

What good will that do?

Well, if the stupid cold doesn’t see me then maybe it will go away!

Copy of P1020333I think I’ll try hiding too!  Do you think it will work?

I don’t know but Mom says we have to do something about this stupid cold.

Maybe our readers have ideas for dealing with the stupid cold.  Does anyone have any good ideas?

I don’t know why Mom tells us we can’t go outside but she goes outside.  I don’t think she should have to go outside in the stupid cold.

Well, there is the problem of buying food for us……..

Always!!!  You always turn our blogs into topics of food.  Is there anything else in that kitty brain of yours?


Look What I Did

Copy of P1020595

Hemingway!  I need your help!!

What’s the problem now?  Did you get your big tail stuck in the door?

No.  Good grief!  Why would you even think that?

Never mind.  What’s your problem.

I need to know why everyone is talking about the pole ore fur tax.


It’s on the television and it’s on the computer.  What are the humans talking about?

Well, let’s see if we can figure it out.  A pole is usually a long skinny thing.

I’ve seen poles in fire stations and humans slide down them.  I don’t think that would be fun at all.  I would have my claws out all the way down.

This is not my happy face!!!

Shhhhh……let me think.  Ore is something humans dig out of the ground.

Can they dig it out of our litter boxes?

Just listen!!!  You know what fur is.  We have it all over our bodies.  Mine is regal black and white and yours is ordinary orange with a hint of black and some white.

Why are you regal and I’m ordinary?

Then a tax is something that humans have to pay.  We both know Mom complains about taxes so it’s not a good thing.

So, have you figured it out???

YES!!!!  If you dig out a long stick from the ground and it has fur on it, then you have to pay a tax.

Well, I’m not going to be doing any digging ‘cuz I don’t want to pay any taxes.

Good idea!

Boys………….it’s Polar Vortex and it’s all the cold weather we have outside.

Oh………….sigh…….here I thought I was finally on the right track.

I thought Hemingway’s answer was better.  Can we both have some treats now?


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