We’ve been “confurring” with our buddies, the Trout Towne Kitties , and we think we’ve come up with a new business idea!

Remember how we were talking about all the leaves that need to be raked in the fall?

I had the great idea to grow trees that would lose their leaves at all different times, but Mom (and other humans) said that wasn’t a good idea ‘cuz raking all the time is just too tiring.

So, we put our heads together with the Trout Towne Tabbies and we came up with a new idea from what they said.

Black Squirrel I'll Guard These Shakespeare and Leaves

See that little critter in the tree?  That’s a squirrel and we really don’t like them coming around our yard.  However, they do get rather rowdy in the trees.  Now the Trout Towne Tabbies suggested we let the “burds” go ahead and do the stupid stuff they do on the branches and by raising a ruckus, they will make the leaves scatter all over the place.  (By the way, they don’t like “burds” at all.)   So, we figured if we added squirrels to the idea, it wouldn’t be as bad and might be faster.


Once the squirrels and “burds” knock all the leaves down on the ground, then we can use our big fluffy tails to get them into a big pile.

Mom always says you flip flop your tail like crazy so you might as well put it to good use.

Well, your tail is out of control ‘cuz it’s so long and fluffy!


 Let’s not argue.  Just use your tail to get that big pile of leaves over here in this bag.  Mom will be coming outside to check on us soon and she will be so surprised to see how much we helped.

I wonder if we can make this idea work all over the world?  Just think how famous we would be!

But we have to find birds and squirrels to hire for our company and I don’t know if any of them would really be willing to do any work.  Maybe we should go back to my idea!

Hey Trout Towne Tabbies, what do you think of our business idea?  Do you think it might fly? hehehehehe………..I couldn’t resist!!!







Why do the leaves fall?

The tail

How many “falls” have you lived through?

I haven’t fallen lately!  I’m not clumsy.

I mean the season fall.

Just as many as you have.  What’s your point?

Then you should know that in the fall the leaves change colors and because that process wears them out so much, they all let go and fall down on the ground.  Then we can go walking through them, making crunchy noises.

Hemingway in Bag

But Mom also gets a little cranky ‘cuz she has to rake up all those leaves.  She claims that we get leaves from trees all over the world!

You know Mom is telling a bit of a tale there.

Mom doesn’t have a tail!  Anyway, I came up with an idea.  

Oh, I’m sure you did.  What is it?

Well, what if the leaves all took turns changing colors during the year and didn’t all fall down at the same time?


Just think about it.  They trees could have stripes or polka dots or other designs, depending on when the leaves changed colors and where they were positioned on the tree.  They might look sort of like this.

treeI understand what you’re trying to say…………and that really scares me lots!!!  However, I don’t think your idea would work.  For one thing, here in the frozen tundra, all the leaves fall off the trees for the long winter.  Don’t you remember all those naked branches when there’s that white stuff on the ground for a bazillion months?

I get embarrassed looking at naked branches.

So, if the leaves took turns changing colors and falling down during the other months, then Mom and the other humans would be raking all the time and I’m sure that would make them crabby.

I guess so……….but striped and polka-dotted trees sure would be pretty!

Watching Leaves


Copy of P1030187Are You Going Away Again


We might have a girlcatfriend!

What’s that?

We already discussed this.  A girlcatfriend is a girl kitty who is a friend.

But we aren’t going to be dating are we?

No, Mom said we’re too young to date.

So who is this girlcatfriend?

Her name is Quinn and she lives in the frozen tundra, just like we do.

Does she have her own blog?

She sure does, it’s at Sweetladycat  and she looks like me.

I don’t know if I can put up with two tuxedos.  That’s asking an awful lot of me!

Then she can be my girlcatfriend and you can find your own.

Anyone out there who wants a handsome orange tabby with an incredibly fluffy tail as their boycatfriend????  Can you cook catnip pies???

On Friday Mom left us at home while she went to this place called an arboretum.

Arbor-eat-em?  A place where you eat arbors?  What are they?

No, it’s arboretum…..it’s a place where they have lots of trees, flowers and plants for humans to see.  She said there were lots and lots of trees and pretty leaves.

We like leaves.  Why didn’t we get to go with her?

For one thing, we don’t like to ride in the car.

Oh that………..well, should we show our readers some of her pictures?

You go ahead and post them to our blog.  I’m going to go take a nap in a sun puddle.

Arboretum 2014 109




Arboretum 2014 140


Arboretum 2014 045

Arboretum 2014 046Arboretum 2014 044










Arboretum 2014 146Arboretum 2014 112Arboretum 2014 041

Copy of P1030651

Do you see anything yet?

Nope, how about you?

I thought I saw someone arriving but it was just a leaf flying by.

You don’t think Mom is involved, do you?

I don’t know.  It’s been several hours now since our interview was published so we should have some fans coming to see us.

Unless Mom is telling them we can’t see anyone.  She did tell us we’re too young to date.

But we just want to meet some nice girl kitties who like to cook catnip.

Mom…………..we’re supposed to be famous now so where are all our fans?

Where’s all the gifts of catnip, treats and toys from our adoring fans?

We worked hard on that interview so you better not mess things up, Mom!!!

Our beautiful new sign that was made especially for us by Jan.

Our beautiful new sign that was made especially for us by Jan.

Oh happy day, I’m so excited I can hardly sit still.

I can’t make my tail be still ‘cuz I have all this nervous energy.

Isn’t this a special day?

We’re stars!!!

Maybe we should explain to our readers.  It all started many weeks ago when the Funny Farmer Felines: Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Rusty & Micah contacted us and said they wanted to interview us for Mousebreath.  We were thrilled and couldn’t wait to talk to them.

Mom kept dragging her feet about helping us.  She said that she had all these important things to take care of in the human world.  We tried explaining to her that the cat world is much more important than the human world, but she wouldn’t listen.  We think she may have had catnip in her ears.

We finally cornered her one day and had her help us with the interview questions.  Now we’re famous.

Be sure to take a hop skip and a jump over to Mousebreath and read our interview and check out all the other neat stuff on their site.

Hey Shakespeare, do you think we might get some dates out of this?

I don’t like dates.  I would rather have bread or catnip.

That’s not what I meant!

Have you heard Mom talking about us lately?

Yes.  She sure doesn’t seem real happy.

I’ve even read some of the stuff she’s written on OUR computer without our permission and I’m not happy with what I’ve been reading.

What’s wrong with her?

I think it’s because she doesn’t have a job right now and she’s getting in our way.  We need to sit down with her and have a good meowversation.  First we have to figure out our plan of attack.

I don’t want to attack Mom.

No, that’s not what I mean.  We have to figure out what we’re going to tell her.

I’m going to tell her that she shouldn’t get so mad at us.

Well, we have been kind of naughty lately.  I’ve been knocking all sorts of things off of bookcases, computer desks and tables.  Then you left the yard and went over to visit Champ without getting Mom’s permission.

I just wanted to see what the views were like in his yard.

The point is, we HAVE been naughty.  Why do you think we’re upsetting Mom?

I don’t know.

Remember when Mom was working and was away from the house all the time?

Oh, that was wonderful.  We had the house and the computer to ourselves.

Yes, and we could nap whenever we wanted to.

I remember naps.  I love them but I don’t get to take as many now.

That’s the problem.  Mom has interrupted our schedules and we get crabby so we do naughty things.

So………..it’s all Mom’s fault that we’re naughty.

I guess it is.  When you think about it, isn’t it always the human’s fault?  We have to tell Mom to get another job so she’s not interrupting our schedules.

We should tell  our readers to help us find a job for Mom.  Right now, let’s go take a nap while she’s at the grocery store.

Copy of P1030191 Copy of P1030518

I love this time of year!  For some reason the leaves stop hanging onto the branches and they all start falling down.  Mom says it’s a royal pain to rake up all those leaves.  I say it’s so much fun to play in them!!!

Who likes to play in leaves?

Who likes to play in leaves?

I do!!!  I do!!!  I’ve got my paw raised as high as it goes just to show you how excited I am.

Crunchy, munchy leaves.

Crunchy, munchy leaves.

I love the noise the crunchy leaves make.  They’re singing to me.



There’s no better way to unwind and relax than by stretching out on leaves.

My true colors...

My true colors…

I love fall ‘cuz it matches my colors and I can hide.  I bet you didn’t even know there was a kitty there in the leaves.  Hemingway can’t do that.

Watching for leaves.

Watching for leaves.

Wonder how long it will be before Mom tries making all these leaves go into bags?

I hope she waits a long time ‘cuz I really enjoy playing in them.


This is Hemingway when he was nine weeks old.

This is Hemingway when he was nine weeks old.

This is Shakespeare when he was about four months old.

This is Shakespeare when he was about four months old.

This was Hemingway's reaction when Shakespeare came to stay.

This was Hemingway’s reaction when Shakespeare came to stay.

Is it ever normal here?

Probably not……..at least Mom doesn’t think so.  But the good news is that Mom’s back home again.

She finally left that dog she had to take care of?

Yes.  I searched through her flashy box thing and found a picture of the dog.

Miss Sophie, the dog

Miss Sophie, the dog

She doesn’t look like either one of us!

She’s not supposed to.  She’s not related to us and we’re cats and she’s a dog.

Why did Mom go live with her?

Mom was helping her human friend who is Sophie’s mom.

Well, I guess that’s okay, but I still don’t like it when she’s gone.

This is my outdoor chair and if Mom isn't here, I don't get to sit in it and that makes me not happy!

This is my outdoor chair and if Mom isn’t here, I don’t get to sit in it and that makes me not happy!

This is my outdoor deck and  when Mom isn't here I don't get to let the sunshine see my tummy.

This is my outdoor deck and when Mom isn’t here I don’t get to let the sunshine see my tummy.


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