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I’m ready for my close-up.  I’m also standing at attention so I can salute our flag.  Is that what I’m supposed to do, Hemingway?  I hope I have it right.  This is my first Memorial Day celebration.  Is Mom fixing catnip on the grill?


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Rain rain go away

This little kitty wants to play!

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Nap Time

It’s cold. It’s rainy. Steinbeck is sleeping.  Mom wants to sleep but she’s cooking.  I just want to dream the day away.  Hurry up Mom!  All three of us can snuggle.




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I’m just relaxing today and waiting for the football game to start.  Then I might have to hide.  Mom tends to start shouting when she gets excited or upset when watching the game.  I don’t get it so I Just let her be.  I’m guessing it’s a human thing.


Go Vikings!!!!

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Readers, I was trying to take a very nice selfie for today when suddenly my pesky brother, Steinbeck, jumped on top of me.  Here’s the result of the selfie:


Hemingway, that’s not a very good selfie of either one of us.  Who wants to see the backs of our heads?

Whose fault is that???


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