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Mom get that flashy box out of my face.  I don’t need to have a selfie of me sleeping.

March Selfie

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Mom told us she didn’t want to help us with the camera today and we were fine with that.  We’re all sort of depressed ‘cuz the angels have opened all their bags of powdered sugar and they’re letting it fall on us.  We thought maybe if we posted a selfie of Angel Shakespeare, he could go tell the angels to knock it off and turn the ovens back on.  We can only hope.

Here’s Angel Shakespeare visiting us for a Sunday Selfie.




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Where did the week go?  Mom said I could be the star again today ‘cuz the little guy gets so much attention.  Actually, I just took over the camera.  MOL!!!


I hope you are having a wonderful “Sunnyday”!!!

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Howdy, Readers!!!  I had an adventure today and Mom said I could tell you all about it.  First of all, she said I have to explain that this is February and this is Minnesota and this weather just doesn’t seem right.  The humans are even going to have a BBQ this afternoon when they should be bundled up in jackets and shoveling snow!    Since this is my first February, I have no idea what the weather is supposed to be.  Well, I got to go outside and I had fun!!!


I did it!  I went outside to explore and feel the sun on my furs.


This is how I started.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be inside or outside, so I chose both!


Mom put one of my favorite boxes outside so I could hide.  Now nobody can see me.


Mom says this is my lion pose and she loves it!

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Hey everyone!  I actually ventured outside for a few seconds today and took my picture.  I didn’t want to face the camera ‘cuz I didn’t want you to see my teeth chattering.  Even though the sun is shining, the air is cold.  My furs and paws don’t like it!  I came back inside to take a nap in a sun puddle.


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Both of us were stretched out on top of the computer desk while Mom was working on something.  We grabbed her camera and aimed it our way.  This is the result.


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Mom said the best selfie either one of us could do would be of us eating.  So……she let us take this selfie of both of us eating out of the same dish!


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We had to beg ‘cuz this sounded like so much fun!

We told Mom we were so excited to try this.

We begged Mom to let us join our friends at The Cat on My Head for their Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.

Hemingway Hiding

Nobody can see me ‘cuz I hide really, really good!

Shakespeare HidingWas someone looking for me?  I was hiding!

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