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The look

Steinbeck, what are you doing?

Am Not


You aren’t messing with that plant, are you?

Just Looking

Nope, I was just rearranging some of the leaves and checking to see if it needs water.

Mom told you to leave that plant alone.

So Big

I’m just showing her my tiger pose and not messing with the plant.

Now I’ve heard everything.

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Happy Weekend, everyone!!  Mom doesn’t have to go to that work place today so she can play with us.  She said I could be the star today.  She used one of my pictures when I went outside a couple of weeks ago.  (That was when the angels had their ovens turned on and it was warm.  Now they’ve got their freezer doors open again and it’s really cold!)  Anyway, this is the picture:


She used LunaPic and gave it a thermal effect.  Then she added beveled edges.  This is what happened:


Hemingway says it looks psychedelic…….whatever that means!  I think it looks cute.  Thanks, Mom!

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Mom did it again.

She used one of those human phrases so we decided to show you what she said.



Know what it is yet?

Can I tell them?  Oh please let me tell them.  I really want to tell them….

Go ahead.

We’re Bright-Eyed and Bushy Tailed!!



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It’s that time again so here is what Mom is posting for us!


She says we’re her own personal grocery inspectors!

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caturday art

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Steinbeck, I told you to carefully listen.  We’ll have to make sure our stories are the same.

But is Mom going to be mad?

Not if we tell her this story.  Now listen.

I AM listening!

We’ll just tell her that we saw this beautiful flower and wanted to pick it for her and put it in a vase.

We have to put water in the vase first and I still don’t know how to make the water come out of the pipe thing.

Steinbeck, listen!  We’ll tell her we were going to pick the flower for her but we couldn’t get our paws around it right so it got a little scratched.


From the Mom:  What are the boys plotting?  I hate it when they put their heads together ‘cuz I know full well they’ve done something wrong.  Here’s what I found:


This is what I call my “HI Biscus” and I noticed this morning that it was blooming.  I was going to get a picture of it but I was already late.  So, I was determined to take a picture when I got home.  This is what I found.  Seems some kitties were using it as a scratching post!  Of course neither one will take the blame!

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Do I look tired?  Do I look annoyed?  Do I look messy?  The answer is yes to all three and none of those things can be blamed on me.  First of all, I’m tired ‘cuz I’ve had to take care of Mom lately and also watch out for my little brother and make sure he doesn’t get into trouble.  I’m annoyed ‘cuz I don’t want all that responsibility.  I’m messy ‘cuz that blob of light yellow by my cheek is actually part of a dried leaf.  Steinbeck loves to “prune” the plants and then he scatters dead leaves on the floor.  If I happen to roll in them, they stick to my gorgeous furs!!!


Hey Hemingway………….whatcha’ doin’ now????  Is Mom better yet?  She told me that she caught a bug and it made her sick.  I catch bugs and I just play with them but they don’t make me sick.  Mom’s kind of crazy.  Why was she playing with the bug?  What did the bug do to her?  How come she didn’t let me play with the bug?  Hemingway……….is it time to eat yet???

See what I mean?  No peace and quiet for me!!!  Actually, Mom did catch a bug and she was pretty sick for a few days.  She had to go to the “human vet” and get some medicine and now she’s feeling fine.  She told me that since she’s o*l*d, it takes her longer to snap back.  She was pretty tired for many days but we both tried our best to take care of her.

Hemingway……….have you seen my favorite toy?

Can I come stay with one of you for a couple of days?  I really need a vacation!!!  Sigh…..











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Mom caught us being cuddly together and she made this piece of art for us!

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Guess what Mom did!  She forgot to share with everyone that is was my seven months birthday and it was TWO DAYS AGO!!!!!  She claims that after all the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Years, she was tired and needed to take a break from the computer.  Likely story.  I’m thinking she just let my special day get away from her.

Well, she left the ‘puter on for a bit and I carefully crept over and posted my own Monthly Birthday Salute!  I’m seven months….and a couple of days…..now.  Mom said I’m over half-way to becoming an adult kitty.  Hemingway claims I’m much further away but he’s my big brother so what can I say?!

Here’s my celebration photo.


I’m trying to count seven on my paws but I keep getting confused! Thanks for helping me celebrate, even if I am almost eight months old now!!!

From the Mom:  I remembered the day of his seven month birthday but I chose not to even turn the computer on that day.  Steinbeck, we have to work a little on that patience thing, don’t we?  Oh, and don’t be messing with my computer when I’m not around.  Happy Seven Months Birthday, little one.

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We’re kind of being mellow today.  Christmas wore us out!

You didn’t have to get into EVERYTHING!

Isn’t that what Christmas is for?  All those packages filled with toys and treats and catnip smells.

Some were mine and you tried to open all of them.

Oh well, I’m just a kitten.  What can you expect?

Obviously, not much!

Mom says we’re supposed to say Happy New Year to everyone.  What does that mean?

It means that tomorrow it will be 2017.

What is it today?

It’s the last day of 2016.

I’ve never seen 2017 before.

None of us have but we’re hoping God will bless us with some wonderful moments and be right by our sides during the tough times.  We hope and pray that will hold true for all of our readers.


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This is my first Christmas!!!  Did you know that, Aunt Theresa?  I’m so excited you’re here!

Mom took lots of pictures of both of us at the Christmas/Birthday celebration.  I swear she had that flashy box going all the time!!!  Normally Steinbeck shuts his eyes when he sees her pointing it at him but this time he was so excited he kept his eyes open!!

Mom said we could do a slide show of some of our pictures.  I know how to slide!

Steinbeck, that’s not what it means.  Just put the pictures up here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the end of the day, it was almost too much for Steinbeck!


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