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Happy Caturday, everyone.

We have sunshine!!!

It’s been forever since we’ve seen the sun shining.  We’re all loving this bright light.

It’s about time someone changed the batteries so the sun could shine again.

So, Mom took this picture of us and turned it into this piece of art for the Caturday Blog Hop.

We hope you like it!  Mom thinks it shows we must be related ‘cuz some of my ginger furs seem to leak over into Hemingway’s furs.

We are NOT related.  I’m a Tuxedo and I’m regal.  You’re a Ginger and you’re crazy.


Don’t forget to check out our other friends and have a wonderful weekend!

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Our cousins came to visit today so we told Mom to take a picture of Static for our blog.

Here’s what he looks like normally:


Here’s what he looks like after we played with the picture:


Happy Caturday, everyone!  Check out our other friends at the Blog Hop.

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