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Happy Weekend, everyone!!  Mom doesn’t have to go to that work place today so she can play with us.  She said I could be the star today.  She used one of my pictures when I went outside a couple of weeks ago.  (That was when the angels had their ovens turned on and it was warm.  Now they’ve got their freezer doors open again and it’s really cold!)  Anyway, this is the picture:


She used LunaPic and gave it a thermal effect.  Then she added beveled edges.  This is what happened:


Hemingway says it looks psychedelic…….whatever that means!  I think it looks cute.  Thanks, Mom!

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It’s a beautiful sunny day and I’m so glad Mom is home to share it with me.  Here’s my Caturday art for today.


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Mom!  Do you have to take a picture of me while I’m bathing???


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We decided to have a guest for our Caturday Art today.  This is Jack.  His Mom is our mom’s best friend.  Jack loves to play with balls and frisbees.  It’s hard to tell in this picture, but his mouth is very full.

Here’s the original picture:


Mom used the “Library in Alexandria” filter from Dreamscope.  She thought it was very appropriate since Jack lives in Alexandria.  Then she used the chill filter and the polaroid frame from PicMonkey.

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Mom caught us being cuddly together and she made this piece of art for us!

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