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Copy of P1020595This is my crabby face ‘cuz I’m crabby!

This is not my happy face!!!

It’s not my fault!

I bet you told Mom to do it.  I was having such a beautiful morning.  The sun was shining and I was watching the birds and squirrels.  I was peacefully sitting in Mom’s bedroom window and I just knew it was going to be a fabulous day.  Suddenly I sensed something terribly wrong.  I turned around and her bedroom door was shut.  OH NO!!!!!  I remember when that happened to Hemingway and I sort of laughed.  (That’s what little brothers are supposed to do!)

Yes you did laugh and all I have to say is turnabout is fair play!

I don’t know what that means but I do know that I wasn’t happy today.  Luckily I spent most of the day sleeping on Mom’s bed or looking out her windows.  When I heard her come home I started meowing right away so she would know my problem.  I was so relieved when she opened the door.

You’re just lucky that she got out of work early and was home sooner than usual.  When I got shut in her room I spent all day in there.

We’re going to have to come up with something to alert Mom when we’re hiding in her room.

That may be hard ‘cuz she seems to be so scatter-brained in the morning when she’s getting ready for work.

That’s not nice to say, but I sort of agree with you.  I think this morning she was too busy thinking about having three whole days at home to play with us.  Let’s go outside and see what she’s doing.

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Last night when Mom came home from work the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and we all got to go outside and play.

You saw pictures of us outside.  We were having so much fun!

Even Champ the dog next door (who is our good buddy) was outside and he was talking to us and telling us what he had done all winter.

Now tonight when Mom came home from work, that stupid white stuff was falling again!!!

Doesn’t the weather know that it’s supposed to be spring?

Mom doesn’t have to do that work stuff tomorrow so she could have played outside with us for a long time tonight.

Instead she said we are all staying inside ‘cuz it’s cold and wet out there.

We want our summer yard back RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!

Yes, we are tired of this winter yard.  It’s no fun!!

Mom even said if we start to picket against winter, she’ll join in with us.  What does picket mean???

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Mom says that we have gotten really lazy.  She seems to think that all we do all day long is nap in the sun!

We have been away from the computer for a long time.  Our readers probably think we’ve forgotten how to post things.

But Mom doesn’t know for sure what we do during the day.  I try to tell her in the middle of the night what we’ve been doing….

But she doesn’t like it when we wake her up.  

It’s just so hard to figure out humans.  They just don’t think like us!

Speaking of thinking……..I’ve been busy thinking about this winter stuff.  Mom keeps saying that spring is supposed to be here now but it’s still cold.  She did say that she was able to walk this morning without putting those little clothes on her hands.

Those are called gloves.

That made her happy.  She said the birds are singing and flying around before the big light in the sky wakes up so they must think spring is coming.

That big light is the sun.

Have you looked outside lately?  What did all that white stuff do to that pretty green grass?  It’s all brown now.  I don’t like it.  I hope none of that white stuff ever lands on us ‘cuz we might change colors!!

Shakespeare, you are so goofy.  Let’s go out and check on things.

Maybe if I walk out slowly it will be warmer.

Maybe if I walk out slowly it will be warmer.

Come on....I found some places where you can walk without stepping on the white stuff.

Come on….I found some places where you can walk without stepping on the white stuff.

Oh no......I'm surrounded by white stuff!

Oh no……I’m surrounded by white stuff!

I found a rock to stand on!

I found a rock to stand on!

Hey Hemingway and Shakespeare...it's me...Champ!  I haven't seen you two in a long time.  Doesn't that sun feel wonderful?

Hey Hemingway and Shakespeare…it’s me…Champ! I haven’t seen you two in a long time. Doesn’t that sun feel wonderful?

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Copy of P1020519

Mom says I’m in the spotlight today ‘cuz it’s my birthday.  She said I get to celebrate all day long and tell all my human friends and fur people.

Copy of P1020507

Look what Mom got me……a new scratching post!!!  She said I have to share it with my big brother, Hemingway.  Is that fair?

Copy of P1020516

Mom….are you sure he’s going to share with me?

Copy of P1020514

This is so cool!

Copy of P1020512

Mom…..I think there’s catnip in here!!!!

Copy of P1020505

Mom….look….Shakespeare is sharing with me!  Maybe now that he’s three like me, he won’t be such a little brat.  I’m glad he’s having a birthday today

Copy of P1020520

God, I’m so thankful that I’m three years old today.  You let me have this wonderful forever home.  You told Mom she should adopt me and she did.  You even gave me a big brother.  Sometimes he’s a royal pain and we fight, but I do love him.  Thank you for my new scratching post and all the treats.  I can’t believe I’m three.  Do you realize that’s almost all the toes on one paw?  I’m getting old!!!

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Copy of P1020472

Shakespeare…..I think we’ve made a big mistake!

You’re telling me!  Did you look outside this morning?

Copy of P1020478

Copy of P1020479

I know!!!!  I think we’ve been sending that little ball in the wrong direction and now we’re back in the middle of winter again.  Who invited all that white stuff to come again??

Copy of P1020477

Do you see Mom out there?  Is she mad?

Copy of P1020476

I can’t tell.  She’s been out there forever moving all that white stuff around.  Do you know how to make hot chocolate?

No, why?

Maybe if we give her a treat she will forget that we were spinning that little ball in the wrong direction.

We aren’t supposed to touch the stove or the microwave so I think we better greet her with purrs instead.

Ok….I’m going to make sure my purr is all tuned up!  Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Copy of P1020475

Shakespeare, let’s try something.


Let’s see if we can make the little ball in this thing spin so fast that it makes the earth move faster.

Why do you want to do that?

So spring will get here sooner.  Why else?

I think my brother is losing it.

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The other day Aunty Pat stopped by and brought us some presents.

She said she was celebrating both of our birthdays by bringing presents in between when our birthdays fall.  Mom showed us the stuff briefly but tonight she finally let us really look at our presents and sample them.

I don’t think it’s fair!  Hemingway’s birthday was in December and that was LAST year!  My birthday  is next month…hey March starts tomorrow….and I should get more of the treats.

Mom said we have to share so quit complaining.

Copy of P1020460

Look at all the treats!!!!

Copy of P1020459

We LOVE treats!  Thank you,  Aunty Pat!

Copy of P1020462

Then to make today even more special, Mom gave us TUNA JUICE!!!!

Copy of P1020461

Mom…..stop taking our picture.  We’re trying to eat!!!  We don’t take pictures of you eating.

Copy of P1020467

Bath time after tuna juice.

Copy of P1020464

I don’t know if I’ll get all the tuna juice off before I fall asleep.  What a wonderful day.

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Hemningway on Pillow

Mom….since Shakespeare’s birthday is next month, I have a great idea.  Why don’t you get him a big pillow?  See how I hang over all the place on this one?  I know he would love it and I’ll make sure that he shares it with me.

Shakespeare and Plumeria

Mom…..I’m so excited that my birthday’s coming but don’t listen to Hemingway.  I don’t need a big pillow.  I don’t hang all over the place on that pillow and I like it.  Hemingway just needs to get on the treadmill.  However, notice how nice these plumeria leaves look on my head?  I think it would be great to go to the beach for my birthday.  Just think……….we could get out of the snow and cold.

Mom….if we go to the beach, how are we getting there and how far is it?

The Mom:  Boys, the beach is really far away and we would have to drive for several days or take a plane. 

No way!!!!  I’m not going in the car.

I don’t want to be in a  car that long either.

Maybe that pillow is a good idea after all….

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Copy of P1020445

I wonder if we’ll ever see grass again.  Mom goes out all the time on weekends and I just don’t understand why she does that.  She let us out for a little bit and I thought it was cold!  Then I tried walking on the ice and my feet kept slipping.  What’s up with that?  Why does winter last FOREVER???

Copy of P1020446

I wonder how long Mom is going to be mad at me.  It was her fault!  She left the gate open a little and I thought I should check and see if this snow and ice stuff is everywhere or just in our back yard.  I didn’t go very far at all and I can tell you for sure that the snow and ice are EVERYWHERE!!!

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