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Surprise!!!  We both got to go outside today.  Granted, we were only on the deck but that was fine with us.

We didn’t want to be walking in all that white stuff and getting our feet wet!

So, here’s the original picture Mom took of us.

Under the grill

Hemingway, why are you wearing the grill cover on your head?

I’m trying to hide.  Why are you trying to climb into my secret spot?

I’m looking to see if Mom left any food in here.

We were both so excited to be outside that neither one of us really knew what we were doing.  Mom took hold of the picture and this is what she turned it into.


She hit all sorts of buttons in LunaPic, including the needlepoint one.  She says she can’t remember for sure what all she did, but we kind of like it.  I think it shows Steinbeck’s best side.  MOL!!!

Well, my tail is really fluffy and full of different colors so maybe you’re fight.

He never knows for sure what I’m saying.



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sleepy steinbeck

Mom was outside and Hemingway and I were taking a nap.  It was the end of the weekend and we knew Mom was not excited about going back to work.  We weren’t sure what she was doing outside.

Hemingway, what


I saw Mom out by the bay window ‘cuz that’s where I was napping.  It looked like she was pulling things out of the ground.  She calls them weeds.  I figure if they’re green maybe they belong there.

Suddenly Mom came running into the house and ran into the bathroom and started the water running.

We tried to go ask her what was happening and all she mumbled was, “Oh boy…Oh boy!”  We figured she was talking to us ‘cuz we’re both boys.  MOL!

Turns out Mom must have disturbed a ground nest of bees.  She always tells us to leave them alone but I guess she doesn’t have to do what we have to do.


Mom told us they attacked her and that wasn’t good since she gets a bad reaction.  Luckily it doesn’t affect her breathing but she does swell up really big and starts running a temperature.

She went to see her vet doctor the next morning ‘cuz her arms were really hurting.  She said she was stung three times on her right arm and twice on her left arm.  The doctor checked her all over and then gave her medicine to take.

Mom said that her right arm from the shoulder to the elbow was all swollen, red, hot, itchy and very sore.   Besides, it was as big as her leg!   She said her left arm was that way from the elbow to the wrist and she was miserable.

She tends to tell tall tales.  If my arm got as big as my leg, it wouldn’t change at all.  MOL!!!

Her medicine made her sleepy last night and we slept with her to make sure she was OK.

Mom said she’s never pulling weeds again!!!  I guess that means we’ll be having a weed sale before long.

The medicine is helping fast and she’s doing much better today.  It was kind of a scary time for her but she had really great care.

Yes!!!  We took care of her!!  Oh, and the vet doctor helped, too.


Any Bees

Is this where Mom found the bees?   Should we be this close?

No, Mom was in the front yard and we’re not allowed to go out there.



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What a beautiful day!!!

Mom had to go to that work place but we spent the day looking out the windows at the sunshine, the birds, and the squirrels.

Mom said she looked out the window lots today, too.

She said she wanted to be home with us so we could all play outside!

Mom finally got home, put Steinbeck’s vest on him and we all went outside in the warm air.

I didn’t stay outside very long ‘cuz there were all sorts of noises and I got a little scared.

I keep telling you to stick by me and I’ll protect you.

I know, but I’m still a kitten and there’s just too much stuff happening.  If I’m not making the noise, I tend to get a little scared.  However, I did go out for a little bit and Mom even brushed me.

Mom brushed me lots and lots.  She keeps saying that she gets enough fur off me to make another kitty but I haven’t seen her do that yet!

Mom took some pictures for everyone to see.

Cuter than Copper

I stopped to talk to the Copper Kitty and I decided that I’m lots cuter than he is. Besides, I get to sleep in a warm bed and he has to stay outside.

It's Noisy Outside

Mom says our readers never get to see me with my eyes open. She took this picture while I was inside and she was outside. She says I have very pretty eyes, but whenever I see the flashy box, I close my eyes. Mom fooled me this time!

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After being forced to stay inside all weekend while Mom’s brother worked on the deck, we finally escaped…….well, not really ‘cuz Mom actually opened the door for us.  It was wonderful to get outside again so we could check out stuff!


Will this new deck hold me?


Does this new wood make me look fat???


I know we used to have a deck here before. Where did it go?


I heard something!


You put your left paw in…you put your left paw out…you put your left paw in and you shake your tail about…..


This is what I think of how long it’s taking Mom’s brother to finish. I guess I should be thankful I’m not old like her. At least I can jump up and down off the deck. I don’t need steps like she does! MOL!!!

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Mom said we had to apologize for going missing for so long.

Why do we have to apologize?  She’s the one who was missing!!  She didn’t even bother to turn the puter on for us.

Hemingway, Mom had a rough few weeks.

Oh, that’s right.  She had all sorts of singing to do for Easter and for a concert last weekend.  Then she managed to slice her finger when she was cooking something.  We both know she tends to be a little klutzy.

MOL!!!  Mom’s going to get you!!!

Anyway, it just seems like Mom’s been running on empty lately.

I NEVER run on empty!!!  I remind EVERYONE if my food is low!

We know!!!

So, today was purrfect so Mom was working outside and we were “helping”.


I looked for bugs and things.


I looked for birds and butterflies.

We both ran around the yard chasing leaves and twigs and talking to our dog friends in the neighborhood.  We smelled the fresh air and of course we did lots of exploring.  Now Mom’s laughing at us ‘cuz this is what we look like after our adventures.


I had too many adventures and now I’m “cat tired!


MOM!!!  Get away with that flashy box.  I’m trying to take a nap!

From the Mom:  Both boys had way too much excitement today and the two pictures above show what they have been doing since coming in and having their supper.  I knew they were really really tired when neither one tried to “help” me make the bed with the fresh off the line sheets!  Sorry I haven’t been writing, but it’s just been kind of hard lately.  We’ll try and stay on top of things!  We’ve missed all of you!!!

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It’s a warm sunny day here and Mom let us go outside to play

She made us go outside ‘cuz you kept knocking things off the table and desk and she got tired of picking up stuff.

It worked, didn’t it?


Here I am standing guard over our yard so no doggies, squirrels or bunnies come in. I think the wind must have blown Mom ‘cuz the picture is kind of blurry.


Here I am on the prowl.  I learned how to do that from my jungle ancestors.


Mom, do we like rhubarb?


Shakespeare doesn’t know that this kitty keeps water for me.  He’s a nice kitty.  Mom says you don’t see many shots of Shakespeare ‘cuz he likes to go under the shed and sleep.  I figure we can sleep inside the house so we should explore while we’re outside.


I wonder if it’s almost time to eat?


Did someone say eat??  Let me in right now!!!!

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After forty days and forty nights of rain the sun finally decided to come out of hiding.

It even did it on a day when Mom doesn’t have to go to that office place.

We told her right away what we wanted…



We were both so amazed to be outside again that we didn’t know what to do.

Oh the aromas…………


Mom, don’t look now but someone is not in the yard……..


Freedom……….glorious freedom………..now, where does Mom have that catnip???


But Mom……….I was just looking for catnip and I was even going to get some for Hemingway.

Copy of P1040158Mom, you don’t really believe he was going to share, do you???


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We were begging Mom to let us go outside today.  After all, it was nice and cozy inside with the fire going in the wood-burning stove.  We figured it was just as nice and cozy outside.


We were so wrong!  We went outside and discovered it was cold.  Really cold!!!  Here we are frozen like statues.

Mom didn’t let us stay outside very long.  We were happy to come back inside and play with our toys.

My toy

This is one of my Christmas toys and I really like it.  Don’t even think about trying to take it away.

Loving my toy

Don’t worry.  I’m having fun with my own toy.

Thanks Santa Paws and humans for the wonderful gifts for us to play with.

It’s nice to have new toys since it’s too cold to go outside and play with the dogs, squirrels and birds.


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My ThroneI found where that tree was!  It was all because of this tree that we didn’t get to go outside Saturday morning.  I think I’m going to sit here for a bit and tell this tree what I think.

What treeWhat tree?  Where??

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Hemingway and Paper

Hemingway……….why are you posting that picture?

Because Mom said she’s going Christmas shopping.

It’s not time for Christmas yet.

You and I know that but Mom is acting crazy.  She claims that all the humans have been brainwashed…….

Nobody’s going to wash my brain!!!

They’d have to find it first….chuckle

MOM……..Hemingway’s being naughty again.

ANYWAY…………Mom claims that the big thing hanging on the wall with all the numbers is wrong.  According to that we should be having spring, but just take a look outside…..

Stil April 18,2013

Something’s wrong!

I know.  That’s why Mom thinks all the humans are brainwashed and it’s no longer April but it’s actually December.

But I just had my birthday a couple of weeks ago and if it’s really December, that means your birthday is almost here and mine is coming again real soon.


But I’m worried about Mom.  Is there anything we can do?  Just look out the door at all the white!

April 18, 2013

Did you look out the other window where our catnip usually grows?  I found something really exciting there.

Flowers in the snow

Hey, aren’t those flowers?

Brave Flowers

Yes.  I think we better show them to Mom so she doesn’t think winter is here forever.

Where is spring

Mom, if you go out this door and go over by where our catnip grows you will see something special.  Wait…..I just happened to think of something.


If we tell Mom it really is April then she won’t go shopping for Christmas and birthday presents.  Maybe we should keep it quiet and just let her be confused.

Good idea.  Readers……..don’t let Mom know!

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