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Steinbeck, why did you put a picture of a clown on our blog?

‘Cuz Mom said she was scoping out clowns yesterday.  That’s why she was gone most of the day.

No, no, no………

Yes, yes, yes……..

Steinbeck, Mom wasn’t scoping out clowns, she had to have a colonoscopy.  Didn’t you notice that she didn’t eat all weekend?

Now that you mention it, I didn’t notice her in the kitchen very much.  So what is that cold as a pea thing?

It’s not a very fun test, but Mom says it’s really critical to determine if a human has cancer.

April 14 Storm Steinbeck


MOM HAS CANCER????????????

No, no, no…….relax.  Her test was fine but she wouldn’t have known that if she hadn’t had the test.

Will we have to have one of those cold as a pea things?

No.  At least I certainly hope not.  Can you imagine spending all day and night in the litter box???

That’s why Mom was living in the bathroom?

Surrounded by ginger

Did you notice she wasn’t smiling much……….or even talking???

Hemingway, if Mom ever puts peas in our food dish……..           


From the Mom:

Yes, I went through the torture of having a colonoscopy yesterday.  (I hope this isn’t TMI, but I do feel it’s important.)  The prep was really hard on me this time so next time, the doctor is going to change some of the things I have to take.  However, I’m glad it’s over and I’m glad they didn’t find anything serious.  Early detection is key and the fact I’ve had polyps in the past indicates I need to be alert.  Even though it’s no fun, I recommend everyone getting the test.  Oh, and I won’t be putting peas in the boys’ dishes.


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sleepy steinbeck

Mom was outside and Hemingway and I were taking a nap.  It was the end of the weekend and we knew Mom was not excited about going back to work.  We weren’t sure what she was doing outside.

Hemingway, what


I saw Mom out by the bay window ‘cuz that’s where I was napping.  It looked like she was pulling things out of the ground.  She calls them weeds.  I figure if they’re green maybe they belong there.

Suddenly Mom came running into the house and ran into the bathroom and started the water running.

We tried to go ask her what was happening and all she mumbled was, “Oh boy…Oh boy!”  We figured she was talking to us ‘cuz we’re both boys.  MOL!

Turns out Mom must have disturbed a ground nest of bees.  She always tells us to leave them alone but I guess she doesn’t have to do what we have to do.


Mom told us they attacked her and that wasn’t good since she gets a bad reaction.  Luckily it doesn’t affect her breathing but she does swell up really big and starts running a temperature.

She went to see her vet doctor the next morning ‘cuz her arms were really hurting.  She said she was stung three times on her right arm and twice on her left arm.  The doctor checked her all over and then gave her medicine to take.

Mom said that her right arm from the shoulder to the elbow was all swollen, red, hot, itchy and very sore.   Besides, it was as big as her leg!   She said her left arm was that way from the elbow to the wrist and she was miserable.

She tends to tell tall tales.  If my arm got as big as my leg, it wouldn’t change at all.  MOL!!!

Her medicine made her sleepy last night and we slept with her to make sure she was OK.

Mom said she’s never pulling weeds again!!!  I guess that means we’ll be having a weed sale before long.

The medicine is helping fast and she’s doing much better today.  It was kind of a scary time for her but she had really great care.

Yes!!!  We took care of her!!  Oh, and the vet doctor helped, too.


Any Bees

Is this where Mom found the bees?   Should we be this close?

No, Mom was in the front yard and we’re not allowed to go out there.



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Whatcha doin’ Mom?

She’s looking at those pictures again.  What’s on your foot?

There’s nothing on my foot so leave it alone.  We decided we would tell you a little bit about our mom instead of talking about ourselves this time..

The pictures Steinbeck is talking about are some pictures she took of old, falling-apart, rusty, tattered buildings.  She calls them Dead Buildings and she loves taking pictures of them.  She says she can see so many tails tales of the people and animals who used to use those buildings.  She is fascinated by the textures, colors, shapes and angles. If she had time and money, she would just go around taking pictures of dead buildings.

She can’t do that ‘cuz she can’t leave us at home and I don’t want to ride in the car.

Relax, Steinbeck.  Remember, she has that work thing she has to go to almost every day.

Except for the weekends!  Those days she belongs to us!!!

Anyway, we thought we would show you just one dead building that caught her eye.





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We’re sorry, but we’re just laughing like crazy over Mom!  We didn’t laugh at the time, but we’re sure laughing now and Mom says it’s okay and she even said we could share it with our readers.


I was sleeping very soundly right in the middle of Mom’s bed.


And I was sleeping soundly on top of Mom’s head.

Suddenly I felt Mom moving.  I was afraid she was having one of those “catmares” that we kitties have at night.  I woke up and just as I opened my eyes, Mom went tumbling off the bed!!!

I had a good grasp on her head, but I couldn’t hold on.  Next thing we knew, Mom was on the floor!!

We looked down at her to make sure she was okay.  She didn’t move for a while so we were worried.

Then she looked up at us on the bed, staring down at her and she started laughing!!!  Can you believe it?  She was lying on the floor laughing.

Sometimes we just don’t understand Mom!

Note from Mom:  Yes, the above story is true!  I’m thinking that the boys kicked me out of bed.  Luckily I wasn’t hurt and was just a little sore the next day.  Oh, and to answer your next question………I don’t drink.


I’m giggling behind my paw, and Mom says it’s fine if the rest of you have a little giggle fit, too.  After all, she was on the floor laughing herself!

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Not MeShhhhh…….we must be very quiet ‘cuz we’re being very, very sneaky!


Shakespeare, quiet!  Mom’s birthday is this Saturday but she’s going to be out of town.

Oh right……..I remember that.  She’s going to a house that has two dogs and no kitties.  She’s going to be very lonely.

Anyway, since she’ll be gone on her birthday, we wanted to make sure something got posted in our blog so she would know we’re thinking of her.  She doesn’t even know that I learned how to turn the puter on so we can do this.  Won’t she be surprised?

Is someone going to feed us while she’s gone?

Of course.  Just relax.

2016 BirthdayWe don’t have any of that money stuff so we thought we would share some of our toys and treats with you.

Are you really going to give Mom some of my treats?  Did I agree to that?

picture-of-a-birthday-cake-with-lots-of-candlesWe heard that it’s going to be two hundred and elebenty billion degrees outside on Saturday and we know why.  Just look at all those candles!!!!

Don’t worry folks.  Once Mom blows out the candles it should cool down a little.  Too bad her birthday isn’t in January!  MOL!!!!Lonesome

Mom, we just want you to know that even though you won’t be with us on your actual birthday, we will celebrate with you when you get home.

Do you like catnip on your cake?

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Shakespeare, don’t get too close to that cake it has candles on it.

Who’s going to wrap the present for Mom?  Can I help?

We better wrap it really good so she doesn’t guess what it is.  You don’t think she’ll be upset that we’re giving her our empty treat toy, do you?

Well, I know I’m upset that it’s empty.

Shakespeare, we need to get serious here.  Mom’s having a birthday today.

Yippee!!!  Catnip cake and tuna fish shakes!!!

Remember………Mom said she’s going to visit her human friend so when she leaves for work we won’t see her again until Sunday!

That’s a really long time.  We better give her this empty treat toy soon so she gets the hint.

Mom……..we know you told us that you’re older than all our toes put together, but we don’t think you’re old.  We think you’re really special.

Older than all our toes????  Boy, in cat years, Mom would be a walking miracle!

She is a miracle and she chose us to spend our lives with her.

Thanks Mom!

Thanks Mom!

Happy Birthday from both of us boys!!!!

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We’ve been missing in action for a few days again, but it’s really not our fault.  Mom’s computer had a heart attack.  We promise that we didn’t do anything.  We didn’t scare it.  We didn’t jump on it.  We didn’t threaten it.  It just died.  Well, Mom wants to explain a few other things so she’s going to take over our post again today.  It’s fine with us, Mom, as long as you give us lots of treats.

Thanks, boys!!!  It’s been a rather hectic time around here lately.  I’ve been looking for a job which is not only discouraging, but it takes so much time!  I wish I could just walk into an office and say, “Need help?”  Any of you who are no longer in your 20’s know how hard it is for us “Golden Oldies” to even get a chance to talk to anyone.  They all figure we’re senile and don’t know what we’re doing.  We know differently!

Enough of the job problem.  I’ve also been having some health issues.  Years ago I had a triple fusion done on my left ankle because of a ruptured tendon.  It’s been doing fairly good until the last few years.  Seems arthritis has taken over the ankle and that’s why I keep having so much pain when I try to walk.  Next step is a new ankle but we’re trying to hold off.  Then about three weeks ago I did something to my right hip and it is extremely painful.  There are times it calms down, but it can get so cranky. 

Enough of the stupid health problems.  Now here’s what happened to me yesterday.  I had to go to the grocery store and I always go in one certain door.  Yesterday I went in the other door at the other end of the building because the things I needed were on that end.  I noticed an older couple walking in ahead of me.  When I got inside the first door and headed for a shopping cart, the woman stopped me.

“I’m from a local church (I recognized the name) and we just like to stop and pray for people.  Could I pray for you?”

I was so surprised but told her what an awesome thing that was.  She asked me what she could pray for.  Now, normally I wouldn’t have said anything.  I’m rather shy when it comes to discussing any needs or problems I may have.  However, I got brave in choir one night a few weeks ago and mentioned my needs for prayer.  Since then my wonderful choir friends have been praying for me and asking me how things are going.  So, when this woman asked me what she could pray for, I quickly blurted out, “The pain in my ankle, my hip, and my search for a new job.”  I was telling a complete stranger my problems!!  What was wrong with me??

She said a beautiful prayer and instantly I felt more relaxed.  Oh, the pain was still there, but not dominant.  We said a few more things to each other and I let her know about my involvement with my church choir.  We said goodbye and I got my shopping cart.  I turned around and they were gone.  I looked for them throughout the store and on my way out.  I never saw them again.  Were they angels?  I have no idea, but they sure were a blessing to me. 

One more thing, I’m working on a temporary computer for a couple of days and the boys don’t know how to use it.  They’ll be posting again when the new computer is up and running and they’ve been trained. 

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Mom asked us if she could use our blog today.

She was busy at the computer so we knew something was up.

We told her to go ahead and we would just take naps.

Take it away, Mom!

Fur People Owners are Special

or Why I Love to Blog

By Pam Montgomery

Several years ago after I had adopted two kittens from the Animal Humane Society, I decided to put my writing skills to good use and have them do their own blog.  After all, I had named them Hemingway and Shakespeare so it was only logical they should “write”.

When I started, I had no idea what kind of journey I was beginning.  My old cat, Mischief, always wrote my Christmas letters because he had more time than I did.  So, I was used to thinking like a cat.  I just wanted to put some thoughts down and see if anyone else would read them.

As the blogs were posted, people started reading them and I started getting comments.  It was so exciting.  I was hearing from people all over the world.  It was so neat to touch base with other people who had a deep love for animals.  We were bonding over the common thread of enjoying the companionship and love that our fur people give us.

Months went by and we gained more friends and got to see wonderful pictures of other pets.  We shared our pictures and thoughts with humans and pets everywhere.  We laughed together and cried together.  The world was shrinking as we shared our lives.

This past Christmas was really special.  I noticed a special story on Facebook that really melted my heart.  There was a woman in Florida who was dying and her main concern was her cat.  While living in hospice, she continued to pay rent on her place so her cat would have somewhere to live.  Dorian Wagner got her story out (Joan and Isis) and soon people were doing whatever they could to help Joan and her beloved cat, Isis.   Joan’s spirits have improved so much since people started sending her notes and gifts.  More importantly, when Dorian arranged for Isis to visit, Joan (and Isis) were excited beyond belief.  It didn’t take much to help Joan.  She just wanted to see her cat and know that she would be alright.  Joan has been bombarded with gifts of her favorite snacks, jewelry, paintings, cards, letters and love.  All because Dorian heard about her plight and reached out to the social media to help.

This was in the back of my mind when I read about a local blogger who was having trouble buying things for herself and her cat.  She rescued her cat and the two of them are the best of friends.  Those of us who are animal lovers know exactly what that is like.  She lives alone so her beloved cat is her constant companion.  As I was reading about her problems, I knew I wanted to help.  I reached out to another local blogger to ask if she knew this blogger and if there was some way we could help.

After much planning and shopping, we were able to go to this woman’s apartment and give her several special gifts for herself and for her cat.  There’s nothing more thrilling than being a Christmas Elf.  To see how she took care of her cat was touching.  To see the love that an animal can give to a human was enough to bring tears to my eyes.

Several months back my sister’s cat developed some problems and they didn’t know if she would make it or not.  My sister is a special adult and has extremely incredible staff and housemates to help her.  After researching and trying out different foods, they finally found the food that worked and Scout the cat started gaining weight again.  The only problem is that the cat food is very expensive and my sister is on a fixed income.  The staff and others have generously provided help in purchasing the food and Scout is still doing great.  By the way, Scout was also a rescue cat.

Now, nobody can tell me that animals aren’t important.  Just look at the love that abounds in these examples.  Blogging has brought needs to my attention.  Blogging has let me reach out and help.  But it’s the animals who are so devoted to their humans that need to be praised.  They also need to be with their humans.

I think more hospitals and hospice units should allow the animals of their patients to visit.  I know my Dad would have loved to see his dog while he was in the hospital.  We ended up getting a stuffed toy that looked very much like his dog and even that perked up his spirits.  The love of an animal is so special that it can’t be explained.  It’s beyond human understanding because it’s without prejudice or experiences.  It’s just plain love!

There’s no way of knowing where all these thoughts will eventually take me.  I would love to see something where special adults who have pets and need financial help could get it.  I would love to see the time when those suffering from illnesses could feel the heartbeat of their beloved pet, or hear their purr, or see their wagging tail, or feel their gentle kisses on their hands.

With all the cruelty in the world today, my blogging friends have shown me another side of life.  We are special.  We love animals.  Call me a crazy cat lady, but I’m proud to be the owner of two wonderful fur people who keep me laughing and keep me reaching out to others.  A big thanks to my special blogging friends out there!

©Pam Montgomery 2015

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Is it ever normal here?

Probably not……..at least Mom doesn’t think so.  But the good news is that Mom’s back home again.

She finally left that dog she had to take care of?

Yes.  I searched through her flashy box thing and found a picture of the dog.

Miss Sophie, the dog

Miss Sophie, the dog

She doesn’t look like either one of us!

She’s not supposed to.  She’s not related to us and we’re cats and she’s a dog.

Why did Mom go live with her?

Mom was helping her human friend who is Sophie’s mom.

Well, I guess that’s okay, but I still don’t like it when she’s gone.

This is my outdoor chair and if Mom isn't here, I don't get to sit in it and that makes me not happy!

This is my outdoor chair and if Mom isn’t here, I don’t get to sit in it and that makes me not happy!

This is my outdoor deck and  when Mom isn't here I don't get to let the sunshine see my tummy.

This is my outdoor deck and when Mom isn’t here I don’t get to let the sunshine see my tummy.

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A voice in the distance asks, “Does anyone know what today is?”

Copy of P1030010I do!!!  I do!!!  See….I’ve got my hand in the air!  Well,  if I wasn’t so tired and I was actually sitting up, my hand would be in the air.  Can’t you just use your imaginations?

Kitty YogaI’ve got my hand…er foot…..in the air, too!  I know what day it is!

Copy of P1030123I’m going to make sure that everyone in computer land knows what day it is, too.  Now how do you spell catnip?

Good grief......

Good grief……always food!!!

Copy of P1030196I think I’ll wrap the gift in this paper.  Isn’t it pretty?

Copy of P1030265I wonder what else has been in this bag?  Was there maybe some catnip in here?  Maybe I should keep this bag for myself.

Shakespeare, we haven’t told the readers what today is.

It’s Mom’s birthday!!!

I wanted to tell them.

You were taking too long.

Well, we both want to tell you to have a very Happy Birthday, Mom and we love you!!!

Copy of P1020967By the way, you can have the cake, but will you give us some tuna water to help you celebrate your birthday????

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