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Mom went to the dogs this weekend!


Besides that, she got older.  I thought I was the only one getting older this month!

Maybe we should explain.  Mom went on a road trip….

…without us!!   

I was getting to that, Steinbeck.  Anyway, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, Mom went to visit her friend who has two dogs.  That’s why we say she went to the dogs this weekend.  MOL!!


This is Benny and he’s special ‘cuz he has one blue eye and one brown eye.  We asked Mom if he was sticking his tongue out at us and she guaranteed us that he was not doing that.  He was just telling her that he didn’t like having his picture taken.


This is Jack and I think I like him ‘cuz he’s like me.  He always wants to have something in his mouth and he’s always ready for a good game.


Mom also got to meet this pony at the Summer Festival where they were giving pony rides.  She said this pony was really nice.  She explained that the pony was like a very big dog.  I get it now!

While Mom was gone, she got older.  Well, she says she’s not officially getting older for another hour yet, but we can tell you that she’s older!  Watch out world, you never know what our Mom might do now that she’s even more grown-up!!  MOL!!!


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Mom went out and took some pictures of the flowers in our yard.

Some of these flowers are outside of the fence so we never see them.

We think she should put more flowers in the back yard where we can see them.

We told Mom that and she said, “We’ll see.”  We’re pretty sure to humans that means……maybe in elebenty billion years.


Oh well, please enjoy our colorful world.

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Mom, look what we got!  Can I eat it?

Steinbeck, leave it alone.  We need to thank Renmi for thinking of us.



The Rules: 

1) Display the award on your blog.

2) Thank the blogger that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

3) Share seven facts about yourself.

4) Nominate 15 bloggers for the award and provide links to their blog.  (Mom says she might have to cheat on this.)



1)  I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in journalism.

2) I love all animals.

3) I worked in the airline industry for almost 19 years.

4) I don’t eat fish or seafood.

5) I am afraid of balloons.  I can handle the Mylar ones but keep all the others away from me.

6) I met and interviewed Sally Field and spent part of a day with her on her TV set.

7) I love taking pictures.

Mom says everyone should be nominated, but she’s running out of time.  The awards are fun ‘cuz they introduce us to other bloggers.   However, if they are as busy as Mom is, they may not have the time to nominate others.  Please know how much we appreciate the award and how much we love so many bloggers out there.  We have become an extended family ready to help each other through the rough times and then to laugh like crazy through the funny times.

So……………Mom says we are nominating all of our readers!!!  Thanks for being with us.  Mom, can I go eat now???

New toy 4

Doing the Slappy Paws Dance!


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You’ve got to be quiet, Steinbeck.  We’ve got some important talking to do.  Make sure Mom is not around.

She’s in the other room and I think she fell asleep. If I keep my eyes shut she won’t see me anyway.

Good, and while you’re at it, keep your mouth shut, too.  Now, May is almost over and you know what that means.

Winter’s coming?

No, goofball.  The next month is June.

Hey………..that’s when my birthday is!!!

I know.  Mom will celebrate it big time like she does with all of our birthdays.

So, why do I have to be quiet about that?  Mom already knows.

But also in June is Mom’s birthday.

It is???  No wonder I like her so much.

Anyway…………..we have to try to do something special for her.  Do you have any ideas?

I can share my catnip with her…..or let her use my red dot toy.

Boys????  What are you doing???

Nothing, Mom………and I’m not up on top of the computer desk.

Nothing, Mom………I’m just chewing my fingernails so you don’t have to clip them.



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Hemingway, can you explain to me again what Memorial Day is?  I know Mom gets the day off from work but it has to be lots more than that.


Oh yes, it’s lots more than that.  On this day humans make it a point to stop and honor all the men and women who have served in the armed forces.  It’s those brave humans who help to keep this country free.  If it wasn’t for them, maybe Mom wouldn’t be living here and maybe she wouldn’t have adopted us.  Even fur people help keep this country free and we need to honor them as well.  They give up so much so we can have freedom.  We really need to celebrate and honor them EVERY DAY.

Thanks, Hemingway.  Next year I’ll know what’s going on!!

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day and a HUGE THANKS to all of our service humans and fur people who have served, are serving, and will serve to keep our country free.  We love you!

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Mom was so excited when she got home ‘cuz it was sunny and really nice.

After a quick supper for all of us, she put my vest and leash on and we all headed outside.

Actually, I was already outside while you were still getting “dressed”.


We thought we would show you what we were looking at.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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I got really scared yesterday.  When I looked outside there was a very bright light out there.  I couldn’t figure out what it was.  I didn’t want Mom to go out there, but she did!


What are you babbling about, Steinbeck?  You know perfectly well that the bright light was the sun!


But we hadn’t seen it for so long.  I thought maybe it had left for good.  That’s why the bright light scared me!


Don’t worry, Steinbeck.  I’m here to take care of you.  That’s what big brothers are for!

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Cue the spooky music.


Mom’s going to talk about all your strangeness again.

I’m not strangeness.

You’re strangeness catified.

Am not!

Well, Mom was looking through her elebenty billion photos and was amazed at how much alike you and Shakespeare are.  She’s mentioned it before, but I must admit it is a little spooky.  I’m just glad I’ve always got my tuxedo on so I can’t be confused with you two ginger guys.

Computer Cat Steinbeck on top of the computer desk.


Anyone in the kitchenShakespeare on top of the computer desk.

P1040697Shakespeare in the big carrier the vet gave him.

Steinbeck's first day at home8-15-16Steinbeck in the same carrier on his first night at home.

FoodShakespeare asking for food.

WhineSteinbeck asking for food.

P1050337Shakespeare getting weighed, making sure his tail is completely in the box.

P1050404Steinbeck getting weighed, making sure his tail is completely out of the box.

Life with gingers is so much fun, even if Hemingway gets a little tired of it.

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Mom said she had a terrible drive to work.

Image result for graphics of traffic jams

Come on, Mom!  We all know it wasn’t that bad!  That’s not even where we live!

We have the perfect solution for your problems.

Stay home

We’ll even make sure your alarm clock is turned off.

Image result for cat and alarm clock graphic

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Mom was super excited tonight when she got home!  She doesn’t have to set her alarm tomorrow morning.

Don’t worry, readers……we will make sure she gets up extra early to feed us.

Don’t you mean that you’ll wake up Mom?  You’re the one who always has to try and wake her up around 4am.

Well, you walk all over her in the middle of the night purring.  Anyway, after supper tonight Mom took us both outside for some brushing.

I got brave and even walked under the deck when Mom wasn’t looking!  I just had to see what was under there ‘cuz Hemingway kept checking things out.  Know what I found?  Lots of dirt and stuff.  So much for the brushing, Mom!


I’ms so excited that it’s Friday and I just can’t keep from jumping around!! Even this box can’t keep me still.


Can you believe I have to live with this???

I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday night.

We should be dancing!!

Steinbeck, you don’t know how to dance.  All you do is run around.

So?  It’s Friday night and I’m HAPPY!!!

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