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Mom………..is it really Fried Day???


What are you babbling about?


I’m not babbling.  I just want my fried chicken if it’s Fried Day!!!  I also want to make sure my friend Waffles gets some fried chicken, too!

dsc_0706-copy Goofball!  It’s not Fried Day.  It’s Friday!

But Mom said she was really fried when she came home from work.  She said she was super happy that it was time for the weekend and I’m pretty sure she said it was Fried Day.  I still want some fried chicken….or fried catnip…..or fried tuna…..or……..

Hemingway Bright Eyes

We get it.  You want food!!!

Fried Food, please ‘cuz it’s Fried Day!

You don’t ever get Fried Food.  You don’t even know what it is.



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Mom was super excited tonight when she got home!  She doesn’t have to set her alarm tomorrow morning.

Don’t worry, readers……we will make sure she gets up extra early to feed us.

Don’t you mean that you’ll wake up Mom?  You’re the one who always has to try and wake her up around 4am.

Well, you walk all over her in the middle of the night purring.  Anyway, after supper tonight Mom took us both outside for some brushing.

I got brave and even walked under the deck when Mom wasn’t looking!  I just had to see what was under there ‘cuz Hemingway kept checking things out.  Know what I found?  Lots of dirt and stuff.  So much for the brushing, Mom!


I’ms so excited that it’s Friday and I just can’t keep from jumping around!! Even this box can’t keep me still.


Can you believe I have to live with this???

I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday night.

We should be dancing!!

Steinbeck, you don’t know how to dance.  All you do is run around.

So?  It’s Friday night and I’m HAPPY!!!

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Mom didn’t go to work today so she got to see what our normal day is like.

Of course we didn’t show her all the naughty things we do.

What do you mean we?  Seems she’s always saying, “Steinbeck, NO!”


Of course we spend lots of the day playing.  I like to think I don’t cost Mom much money ‘cuz I love to play with empty boxes, empty bags and of course the stay pieces of paper things I may find.


After Steinbeck dumps all of toys out of the toy basket, I like to grab my favorite carrot and play with that.

Of course most of our day is spent with me trying to defend my rights as King of the House!  The little one thinks he can beat me up, but obviously he has lots to learn.

Wanna bet?????

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After our “slappy paw” dances, we usually settle down for a long nap so we can be ready to greet Mom when she comes home from work.


I try to find a spot by myself so I can get some good zzzz’s in!


I’ll sleep pretty much anywhere…..as long as I can keep an eye on things!!



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Well, my Friday was awful.  It was the worst day ever.  I can’t imagine having another Friday like this.

Oh, quit your whining!

Copy of P1020589

I am not whining and I’m not going to look at you!  Let me tell everyone what happened.  Mom was getting ready for work and as usual, I was helping her.  She wasn’t paying much attention to me and suddenly she was gone.  Where was I?  I was shut in her bedroom!!!  I tried to get Uncle Bob’s attention but he wasn’t listening.  So, I had to spend the WHOLE day in Mom’s bedroom.  I didn’t have any toys, food, water or a little brother to chase.  I was miserable.  Mom apologized when she got home and saw what had happened.  She knew something was wrong ‘cuz I wasn’t at the door to greet her.  Then when she got to her bedroom, she noticed that I had pushed a few things under the door.  I was just trying to let someone know I was in there!

Copy of P1020596

I had a fabulous day.  I could sleep anywhere.  I could eat whenever.  I could look out all the windows.  I could play with all the toys.  I was thinking maybe Mom shut you in her room as a present for me.

Don’t even think of asking for that for Christmas.  Speaking of Christmas, while Mom was at work I looked outside and that white stuff was falling again.  Soon the ground was all white.  I couldn’t get to the camera to take a picture so I had to do it after Mom got home.  This is a picture of what’s left of the snow today.  It just doesn’t look right.  Oh, and the batteries the humans put in the sun were damaged and the sun doesn’t work again.

Copy of P1020590

So, all in all it was a terrible day.

Copy of P1020595

I think it was great and you can’t tell me what to tell Mom I want for Christmas!  And don’t go picking on me tonight!

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