Top o’ the day to all of our readers.

Why are you talking funny, Hemingway?

I’m trying to be Irish.


‘Cuz it’s St. Patrick’s Day so everyone thinks they are Irish.


So they can drink green beer.

Does that mean we can have catniptinis?

Probably not.

Stupid humans.


Mom helped us make the Happy St. Patrick’s Day Caturday Art above.  She used special things from LunaPic and now it looks like I have orange furs like Steinbeck!

Here’s the original photo which shows that I’m the only one with orange furs.

Brotherly Love

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Mom came home tonight and she had a very confused look on her face.

We were both kind of giggling ‘cuz we knew what she was looking at.

You see, Mom brings in some plants over the winter and they make themselves at home until it’s nice enough to go back outside again.

Hemingway taught me how to stare at dirt.  We both love to do that and Mom has no idea what is so fascinating.

It’s our little game we play with her.


Now here’s Steinbeck showing how the plants are normally arranged.  It’s nothing fancy but at least they get to stay inside during the cold winter.


When Mom came home tonight, this is what the plant arrangement looked like.  Notice how that one pathetic Gerbera Daisy plant is now sitting on the white run, away from the others.  It’s not upside down or anything, and even still has it’s protective sheet underneath.  It could be that the plant moved over to get more sunlight.


In this picture, you can easily notice the empty space where the plant should be.


Mom, we had nothing to do with that plant moving.  It did it all by itself.

Actually, there might have been some leprauchauns visiting us a little early.

What are leopard cans?

You’ll find out tomorrow.  MOL!!!



Mom, we went outside and looked.

We even looked around in the house.

We don’t know what to tell you.

Well, I can tell you that I had nothing to do with it.

We know you’re probably upset that you lost it but there’s nothing we can do.

Honest Mom, we just don’t know what happened.

We didn’t take that hour last night and we don’t know who did.

We hope you can get along without it for now.


I get to be the star today.  Mom thought she should be nice to me after scaring me by coming home early that day.  So, she started out with this picture of me.

Hemingway b and w

Now personally, I think this is pretty classy.  But you know Mom.  She has to go and LunaPic it all over the place.  This is what she ended up with:


As usual, she’s not sure what all she did with it but I think it looks like I swallowed a flashlight.  MOL!!

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While I know Hemingway loves me, I think he showed me yesterday that he doesn’t trust me.  I had two appointments yesterday afternoon so I left work early.  When I finished my first appointment I had plenty of time to go home and relax before the next appointment.

I unlocked the door and walked in.  There were no cats to greet me at the door.  I found that rather disturbing.  They are always at the door when I come home.  I started to walk towards my bedroom and suddenly Steinbeck came out, yawning and stretching.  I looked at him and asked if he was a sleepy boy.

Then I looked in my bedroom and there was Hemingway happily hogging the middle of the bed.  I asked him if the two of them were having a pajama party while I was at work.  He just stared at me with those big green eyes.Hemingway Bright Eyes Small

I went to check on the mail and I noticed Hemingway kind of sneaking out of my bedroom.  I figured he was going to check on his food dish but that wasn’t what he had in mind.  I looked for him and found him underneath the dining room table.  I picked up the tablecloth and asked him what he was doing.  Again, I got the green-eyed stare.  Then it suddenly dawned on me what was happening.  I had come home at a different time.  Hemingway knew I had left work early and he figured that meant he was going to have to go to the doctor’s house.  The last time I came home early from work, that’s what happened.  He remembered that very clearly and he wasn’t about to fall for one of my tricks again.

I confess………I laughed.  Then I looked under the table and told him not to worry.  I wasn’t taking him anywhere.

I left for my appointment and when I came back, both boys were at the door to greet me.  You see, by then it was around the time I normally come home from work.  So, I guess next time I have an appointment, I’ll just have to take the entire day off so I don’t stress Hemingway by coming home too early.  Fine by me!


Surprise!!!  We both got to go outside today.  Granted, we were only on the deck but that was fine with us.

We didn’t want to be walking in all that white stuff and getting our feet wet!

So, here’s the original picture Mom took of us.

Under the grill

Hemingway, why are you wearing the grill cover on your head?

I’m trying to hide.  Why are you trying to climb into my secret spot?

I’m looking to see if Mom left any food in here.

We were both so excited to be outside that neither one of us really knew what we were doing.  Mom took hold of the picture and this is what she turned it into.


She hit all sorts of buttons in LunaPic, including the needlepoint one.  She says she can’t remember for sure what all she did, but we kind of like it.  I think it shows Steinbeck’s best side.  MOL!!!

Well, my tail is really fluffy and full of different colors so maybe you’re fight.

He never knows for sure what I’m saying.



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Sunny Selfie

Happy Selfie Sunday to everyone!  We are totally covered by the white stuff.  We think the angels must have had some awesome pillow fights the past few days.  Seems like we’ve had lots of storms of white here the past week.  Mom didn’t even have to go to choir practice one night ‘cuz of all the falling white stuff.

So…….we put our kitty heads together and decided to make this a Sunny Selfie.


We hope you like it!

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Baby Selfie

Mom said she thought it would be fun for me to post one of my baby selfies.  I’ll be two in June but Mom says I’ve already started my “terrible two’s”.  I have no idea what she means!

Anyway, this selfie was taken when I was just a few months old.  Luckily my ears fit my body now.  MOL!!!   Mom said I was super cute and I fit in just one of her hands.  I must have been really little but I don’t remember.  I hope you enjoy my baby selfie.

Have a great weekend, all!


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We wanted to make sure that we remembered to say Happy Valentine’s Day to Mom, so we chose one of our pictures where we are actually cuddling.  We wanted to let Mom know how much we love her and how much we appreciate the fact that she rescued us and gave us such a good home.

We realize there are fur people and humans out there that don’t have homes and don’t think they have someone to love them.  That’s sad.

We want everyone to feel loved ‘cuz everyone is special, whether you have fur, fins, feathers or skin.

So……..we decorated this picture just for you, Mom.  We also wanted to share our love with our readers, ‘cuz they mean lots to us.  We really appreciate how they join us in our adventures and send us notes and things.  We consider ourselves to be very lucky.

Please tell your fur people and your human friends and family how much they mean to you and do it every day….not just today.


Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!!!


Yesterday Mom was coming in the door and all of a sudden she was yelling, “Ouch!” and kind of hopping around.

Can I have it now

We had been busy playing together and stopped to see what Mom was doing.

We are totally innocent.  We had nothing to do with what happened to Mom.

I didn’t trip her.

I didn’t bite her.

She did it all on her own.

Here’s a picture of her Valentine’s Toe.  See all the pretty colors?  There’s red and pink and purple.


She had a little trouble  walking in the door.  She didn’t lift her foot high enough and smashed her toe into the door sill.  She wasn’t happy with herself at all!!  We may have to teach her to walk.

But we didn’t do it and we’re so glad we’re innocent.

But we do feel bad for Mom so we’ve been giving her extra cuddles.

Has your human ever had a Valentine’s Toe???

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