This is me and my best buddy Ebony back in 2011.  Ebony was our “sister” and we both loved her.  She went over the rainbow bridge to play with Mom’s other pets who are over there.

Shakespeare on the Bench

This is me shortly after Mom adopted me.  I don’t think I could fit on that little bench now!  When I was little I was always fascinated with looking up.  Mom says this is one of her favorite pictures of me.

We’re still around.

We’ve been busy napping, eating, playing, going outside and bugging Mom.

You’ve been bugging Mom.  I’ve been an angel!

Readers……..don’t believe him!  He starts fights with me.

You start fights with me!

Whatever.  We just wanted to let everyone know that we’re doing fine.  Mom has been kind of struggling, however.  Since she started her job where she has to sit lots she’s been having hip and back problems.

We try to make her chase us around the house as much as possible but we’re not doing enough.

So, after checking with her doctor she decided it was time to start her walking routine again.

We asked if we could go along but she told us we’re not allowed out of the back yard.

Mom’s been working hard and then she comes home and takes her walk and then fixes supper.

After all that, she’s worn out and we’re ready for naps.

So, even though we haven’t written much lately, we are still kicking!  Hopefully things will get into a routine that we can all tolerate and Mom will let us write more.  We miss all of you!

We really miss all the purrs, paw pats and funny stories!

I just have one question:


Does sleeping like this make me look like a “Wide Load”?

I’ll answer that………..

It’s a warm sunny day here and Mom let us go outside to play

She made us go outside ‘cuz you kept knocking things off the table and desk and she got tired of picking up stuff.

It worked, didn’t it?


Here I am standing guard over our yard so no doggies, squirrels or bunnies come in. I think the wind must have blown Mom ‘cuz the picture is kind of blurry.


Here I am on the prowl.  I learned how to do that from my jungle ancestors.


Mom, do we like rhubarb?


Shakespeare doesn’t know that this kitty keeps water for me.  He’s a nice kitty.  Mom says you don’t see many shots of Shakespeare ‘cuz he likes to go under the shed and sleep.  I figure we can sleep inside the house so we should explore while we’re outside.


I wonder if it’s almost time to eat?


Did someone say eat??  Let me in right now!!!!

Believe me………I DIDN’T!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Shakespeare, I think this is for you!

Hey Shakespeare, I think this is for you!

Are there treats inside?

Are there treats inside?

Mom!!!  You brought me to the doctor lady's house, didn't you?  Whatever you do, DON'T open that door.

Mom!!! You brought me to the doctor lady’s house, didn’t you? Whatever you do, DON’T open that door.

Mom!  You're letting the lady doctor do something to me!

Mom! You’re letting the lady doctor do something to me!

Are you sure this scale isn't rigged?

Are you sure this scale isn’t rigged?

Oh no....don't tell Mom how much I weigh.  She'll cut out my treats.

Oh no….don’t tell Mom how much I weigh. She’ll cut out my treats.

I can't believe Mom let them give me a mani pedi!  I'm so humiliated.

I can’t believe Mom let them give me a mani pedi! I’m so humiliated.

I will continue to sing the song of my people long into the night.  Mom is not going to forget what trauma and drama went on tonight.  Yeoooooooooooow

I will continue to sing the song of my people long into the night. Mom is not going to forget what trauma and drama went on tonight. Yeoooooooooooow

From the Mom…..There’s no way I will quickly forget tonight.  Shakespeare is not a happy camper when he has to leave the house.  I almost fainted when the doctor lady told me I have to bring him back in three weeks for a booster shot!!!!  I may need to be hospitalized!  However, the good news is that both boys are healthy…a little too healthy.  Hemingway is 20 pounds and Shakespeare is 16 pounds.  They both need to lose a little but as the doctor lady said, “They are very big boys!”  She was amazed at the size of Shakespeare’s feet and his fluffy tail.

It was such a nice day.  Mom was at work so Shakespeare and I were watching bird TV.  We had a nap or two in a sun puddle.  We just enjoyed the peace and quiet.  Then Mom came home and next thing I knew…………this is where I was!


Why am I sitting in Mom’s car???


Oh no!!!!!  She brought me to the v-e-t!

P1040661 Hey mister!  How about if I put you in this little litter box thing and tell you how much you weigh???


OK.  So the doctor lady is not all that bad.  She called me handsome!!!


Mom, how come I had to go and not Shakespeare?


The Mom Speaks:  Shakespeare, next week you and I are going on a field trip!


P1010398No field trips for me!  There’s no negotiating………….


Mom goofed again

It’s the weekend and she’s supposed to spend all her time with us.

She didn’t.


We watched her get into her car and head out the driveway……..without us!

We are NOT showing our happy faces!


I decided to catch up on my naps while she was gone.


I watched the door so she couldn’t slip in without me knowing!

So what did she do?  She said she went to a class to learn something new.

Did she learn how to make catnip pie?  NO!!!  She came back with this!


She said she learned how to make sandcast leaves and this is the small one she made.


She put the big one that she made on top of the stump so it can be a bird bath.


She really had to be creative to get a picture of it this way ‘cuz Mom’s not that tall and the stump is!

Why would she want to put another bath for birds in our yard?  Do the birds really like to take baths with all of us watching?

Anyway, she said she had fun at the class and now she has to paint those leaves and put a sealer on them.

We’re not that impressed.  She didn’t even use catnip leaves for her project!!!

Oh well………the weekend is pretty much done now.  Goodnight, all!


We’ve been busy thinking.


That’s why we’ve been so quiet.  Just look into my eyes and you’ll see how serious I am.

Mom says we haven’t been very quiet.

Hey……..I’m just trying to make Mom look good to our readers.  We all know the reason we haven’t been online lately is ‘cuz Mom’s been too lazy to turn the puter on for us.  She says she feels really bad so she finally turned it on for us tonight.

I’ve got plenty of stuff to look up on the puter.

P1040262 First I need to clean my paws so I don’t get Mom’s keyboard dirty…….

So, what have we been thinking about?  Simple.  We’ve been thinking about the letter Y!


‘Cuz I said so.


In weather we have windY, sunnY, cloudY, rainY, breezeY, hazY……you get the drift.

All the days of the week end in a Y.

Mom likes all things chocolateY.

We like all things catnippY.  Yes, that is a word.  We looked it up in the feline word book.

My name is HemingwaY.

Mom calls me ShakeYspeare.

I’m a Tuxedo kittY.

I’m an orange tabbY.

Now, you can start looking at all the Y’s in your life and you’ll be surprised.  We sure were!

Just one thing……..


Don’t call Mom PammY.

Oh yeah……..that’s not her favorite name but don’t tell her we told you.  MOL!!!




Mom gets a little upset with us ‘cuz she can’t have fresh-cut flowers in the house.

We like to pull them out of the water.

Well, and sometimes we accidentally knock the vase over and water goes running all over the place!

We try to soak it up with our tails so Mom won’t know, but somehow she always knows!

That’s a Mom for you!

So, she took us around the yard and showed us that we have our very own flowers!

Mr. HI biscus Shakespeare

Mr. HI biscus Shakespeare

Mom calls this one a HI biscus.  She’s always saying “HI” to it when it blooms.



Mr. Hemingway Petunias

There are lots of little Mr. Hemingway petunias out there.  I wonder if they have white paws.

I like mine ‘cuz it’s really big.

Well, I like mine ‘cuz there’s lots of them!



Feels like 70°

Broken Clouds

Wind 9mph WNW
Humidity 78%
Pressure 30.08″
Visibility 10m

Mom was looking at the weather and when she saw this she started laughing.

We had no idea what got into her.  I sat in my chair outside and tried to figure her out.  Did you realize that you can’t ever ever ever figure out humans????

Shakespeare resting

Hemingway Praying

I looked up in the sky to see if there was something dangerous or odd but I didn’t see a thing.  Why on earth was Mom laughing about the weather stuff?

Did she ever tell you, Hemingway?


Don’t tell me……it was some stupid human trick or something.

She said that when she read about the broken clouds, she wondered if either of us had been responsible for that.

For real????  Doesn’t she know that was Mr. NotMe Kitty’s fault?

Readers, our mom really needs a vacation!!!

Mom says a new kitty has moved in with us.

She said his name is “NotMe Kitty”.

I sure haven’t seen him anywhere.  Have you seen him, Shakespeare?

Nope.  I’ve looked all over and I can’t find him.


Boys, who dragged all the toys and put them on my bed?



Boys, who pulled all the toys out of the basket and put them by the door?


That Mr. NotMe Kitty sure enough better not eat our food!!!

He also better not sit on Mom’s lap ‘cuz that’s my spot!!


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