So, I’m sitting out here trying to figure out what Mom’s problem is!  By the way, don’t I look angelic and adorable?  Anyway, Mom told me she’s tired of my jungle jeans.  Mom!  I don’t wear jeans!!  Have you ever seen me in any kind of jeans??  And what are jungle jeans?  I have never seen them.

All of this is because the other night Mom was in the house and Hemingway and I were out in the back yard patrolling, watching and looking for our doggie friend neighbors.  Suddenly I saw something that I knew I had to chase.  I ran and ran and then went into the house to show Mom my trophy.  Mom was not impressed.

What did I have?  I had a bunny in my mouth.  It wasn’t a baby bunny.  Mom figures it was like a preteen bunny, whatever that means.  I was so proud of my catch but Mom took it away from me and I never saw the bunny again.

Readers, I had heard on the news around here that our area is being overrun with bunnies.  I was just trying to help.  I didn’t know Mom would be sad.  I thought she would be proud of me.  She sat me down and had a long talk about not killing bunnies and birds and squirrels and things.  Then she hugged me and mumbled something about jungle jeans.

If I ever find those jungle jeans that Mom says I have, I’m going to throw them out!!!


It seems we’ve been gone for a long time again.  Blame it on Mom, even though she’s trying to blame it on me!

Remember a little bit ago when I got sick?  Well, Mom got sick about the same time.  She said she caught her epplezoodix from ME!  In the first place, I don’t know what epplezoodix are …. or is.  In the second place, I do not throw things!  I knock them off of things and then move them around but I don’t throw.  So Mom had me all confused.

I sat down with her so she could explain.  She said epplezoodix was a word her Dad made up to describe when a human wasn’t feeling good.  Now I understand!  NOT!  I still didn’t throw anything.  Anyway, Mom was not feeling good for about a week.  She said it felt like she was swallowing razor blades.  Now in my opinion, that’s a pretty stupid thing to do.  She’s finally better and seems to have more energy again so maybe she’ll have the strength to turn on the puter for us more often.


Now, the reason I’m in a rather snarly mood is that Mom took me to the doctor’s house again!!!!  I was just there.  Why did I have to go back?  She made up some excuse about me needing my checkup and shots.  SHOTS?????  I didn’t sign up for that!

Here’s what happened on my trip to the doctor’s house tonight.


It started with a ride in Mom’s car.  See how I blend in?  I’m invisible!


Here I am calmly sitting on a chair while Mom signs us in.


How humiliating!  I had to be weighed again!!!


Dear God, please let the numbers be good.  They were!!!  I lost about half a pound!!!


Does this table make me look fat?


Poking and prodding.  Are you almost done?


Mom, if I promise to let you cut my nails, will you not make me go through this again?


This is my stink eye look!


Finally!  Here I am waiting to go home while Mom pays for this stupid visit.

I got home and had something to eat and now I’m napping.  What I didn’t tell Shakespeare is that he’s going to have to go through this, too!  I can’t wait!!  Oh, and the doctor person said I was very healthy and had recovered from my epplezoodix.  I still don’t know what they are!!!!

We are enjoying the peace and quiet of our backyard right now.

Mom said we have to be inside tonight when all the booming starts.

Starts???  It’s already been happening.

We don’t like it but it doesn’t seem to scare us.

Mom makes sure all the windows are locked and that big machine that blows cool air is on so we’re happy.


See what a good job I do at hiding?  Nobody can see me!


Actually, I think I do a better job of hiding.  I blend in with the cover!


Mom….is this the thing you use to make catnip burgers?  Why aren’t you making any?

P1050249Did someone say catnip?

P1050243I love walking on the new deck!  I think it shows off my humongous tail so perfectly.Copy of P1030383

Both of us and Mom want to wish all of you a very happy and safe Fourth of July!  Please remember that we fur people don’t understand all the loud noises you humans make on this holiday.  Many of us don’t like them and we are very scared of them.  Think of us and do something to help us get through this terrifying night.  Thanks so much!


Mom says my eyes are brighter tonight.  I want to thank all the fur people and their humans who sent me good wishes.  I was so surprised to hear from all of you!  Mom said I’m a lucky boy!  It’s scary to be sick.  Of course I wasn’t as scared as Mom.  She was an actual twit!!!!

Anyway, when she got up this morning I showed her I was feeling better by eating some of the new food.  Then I took a bath and I flip-flopped my tail so she knew I was on the mend.  (By the way, I didn’t know I was broken!)

I heard that Mom fretted and stewed all day at work and may have driven a tad fast to get home tonight.  I was at the door waiting for her so she had a big smile on her face.


We went outside to enjoy some fresh air.  I don’t get up in the hammock unless Mom is already in it.  Of course, she’ll probably tell you that I use her as a launching pad and she has a big scratch on her arm.


Here I’m checking out the yard to see if there’s something out there that made me sick.  I didn’t see anything.  I told one of my friends that I think a bird spit in my face!  MOL!!!

I’m still not quite as spunky as usual, but when the doctor man’s house called, they said it would take a couple of days.  They were glad to hear I was moving around and eating.  Oh that………..yes, Mom started us on diets today.


The new food is actually pretty tasty.

Copy of P1030187

We’re on diets?????

OK……….who squealed?????


It wasn’t intentional, but Mom got really scared when she came home from work today.  Normally my little brother, Shakespeare, and I always greet her at the door and ask to go outside to play in the back yard.  Well, Shakespeare was at the door but I wasn’t.  Mom came looking for me and I was lying on her bed.  She looked at my eyes and they were at “half-mast” (her words).  I didn’t move and she knew something was wrong.  She called the doctor’s house right away and they told her to bring me over.  I got to see a new Doctor Man and he was really nice to me.  He talked quietly and he petted me.  He took me in back and Mom doesn’t know what all they did and I’m not telling.  (I’m especially not telling anyone about shaving me by my “pooper popper”!!!  That was more humiliating than having my temperature taken!!)  Anyway, they took blood and ran some tests and everything was normal, but I did have a temperature.  When the Doctor Man came out to talk to Mom he told her about some options.  She and the Doctor Man decided to give me an antibiotic shot to see if that will help me feel better.  Did I get a vote in that decision???  No way!!!

I’m home now and I’m resting.  Mom will be watching me and of course Shakespeare will be trying to figure out what’s going on.  What I didn’t tell Shakespeare is that the Doctor Man and Mom talked about putting both of us on a diet.  Even with all the summer exercise, I’ve put on weight and that’s not good.  Mom said we’re going to be getting different food now so I hope we like it.

Just don’t tell Shakespeare.  Let’s just surprise him!!

Say a few words of prayer for Mom ‘cuz she gets really nervous if we get sick.  I’m going to try my best to get well really soon.

Maybe if I wait here quietly it will come faster....

Maybe if I wait here quietly it will come faster….


I think it's coming......

I think it’s coming……


Look out.........it's almost here!!!

Look out………it’s almost here!!!




Mom asked us the other day if either of us remembered our dads.  

We’re not from the same litter so we had different Moms and Dads.  I just want to make that abundantly clear in case Shakespeare says or does something stupid.

Not nice!  Anyway, we both told Mom that we don’t remember our dads.  Fact is, we don’t remember our fur moms either.  Our human Mom is the only one we really remember.

However, we wanted to take time to wish all the human fathers and fur fathers a very Happy Father’s Day!

What about the feather Fathers?  Or even the fin Fathers?

OK Shakespeare, we want to wish every living that that happens to be a father, a very special day.

Does that include trees and flowers?  Do they have fathers?


I’m just going to sit out here and ponder those questions and hope that Shakespeare takes a nap soon.


I told Mom even I could get in the hammock when it’s like this!


MOL!!!  Mom caught me in mid-flight!  She always calls me the Orange Streak.  She wasn’t quite fast enough to get this picture before I was off and running so I’m a little blurry.

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  We were glad that Mom stayed home this time.  She let us play outside today…..

……but we can tell you for sure that it was very hot and very windy!!!

We’re both really tired now.

Meow with you all later…………

Mom got home safe and sound and said she was surprised at how much her brother had done on the deck while she was gone.

She even has steps now so she can get up on the deck without any problems.

Remember we told you all about how graceful she isn’t?  MOL!!!

Anyway, here are some pictures of our adventure tonight.  Mom didn’t let us stay out real long ‘cuz there was a hock circling.

Shakespeare, I think it’s spelled h-a-w-k.


Here I am enjoying a little rest where the hammock stand is currently situated.

Here I am enjoying a little rest where the hammock stand is currently situated.

I'm checking out to make sure the boards are strong enough to hold me.

I’m checking out to make sure the boards are strong enough to hold me.

This part isn't done yet so we have to be careful.

This part isn’t done yet so we have to be careful.

I'm looking to see if Mom put any catnip plants under the deck. I'm just watching Shakespeare be stupid.

I’m looking to see if Mom put any catnip plants under the deck.
I’m just watching Shakespeare be stupid.

This is one of my favorite spots to watch the neighborhood!

This is one of my favorite spots to watch the neighborhood!


Not MeShhhhh…….we must be very quiet ‘cuz we’re being very, very sneaky!


Shakespeare, quiet!  Mom’s birthday is this Saturday but she’s going to be out of town.

Oh right……..I remember that.  She’s going to a house that has two dogs and no kitties.  She’s going to be very lonely.

Anyway, since she’ll be gone on her birthday, we wanted to make sure something got posted in our blog so she would know we’re thinking of her.  She doesn’t even know that I learned how to turn the puter on so we can do this.  Won’t she be surprised?

Is someone going to feed us while she’s gone?

Of course.  Just relax.

2016 BirthdayWe don’t have any of that money stuff so we thought we would share some of our toys and treats with you.

Are you really going to give Mom some of my treats?  Did I agree to that?

picture-of-a-birthday-cake-with-lots-of-candlesWe heard that it’s going to be two hundred and elebenty billion degrees outside on Saturday and we know why.  Just look at all those candles!!!!

Don’t worry folks.  Once Mom blows out the candles it should cool down a little.  Too bad her birthday isn’t in January!  MOL!!!!Lonesome

Mom, we just want you to know that even though you won’t be with us on your actual birthday, we will celebrate with you when you get home.

Do you like catnip on your cake?

Mom has taught us to share our toys…..

……but respect the “right of ownership” when one of us is playing with a certain toy.

Mom has taught us to share all the favorite sleeping spots in the house….

……..but to respect the “right of ownership” when one of us is asleep in one of those favorite spots.

Mom has tried to teach us not to eat each other’s food…

…or try to steal food off Mom’s plate.  (She readily admits that she has failed at this when it comes to Hemingway.)

We just figure that’s the way it’s supposed to be in the world.

Imagine our surprise when we both looked outside……

…….and saw this thief eating the bird seed!

What??? You don't think I'm a bird???

What??? You don’t think I’m a bird???


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